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Society, The Social Plague Essay

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Curiosity killed the cat, right? What about teenagers? What happened to them? Oh, that’s right… Society killed the teenager. According to a survey done in 2012 by the Stage of Life, an American website where students are able to share their experiences and stories, more than half (52% to be exact) of high school and college students feel that social media pressures them to change their body image. This just goes to show us how powerful society truly is. “It’ll be okay”, these are the very words that almost every teenager has heard this from parents, older siblings, relatives, or friends. Despite this, every teenager believes the exact opposite. We live in a society that is constantly ...view middle of the document...

In the past when words like “gadzooks” were being used, profanity was greatly looked down upon. Explicit language was not used to the extent or in the same context as present-day curse words are being used. In the 2013 film Wolf of Wall Street, the variants of the “F” word was reportedly used over 506 times. Now, I’m sure that within the 180 minute film, that term did not need to be used. Even when I walk around school, profanity swarms the hallways – I’ll hear things such as: “That was f****** awesome!” A phrase as simple as that one can easily be corrected to be swear-word-free; however, I find that people don’t even realize that they use swear words. Instead, they use it more for the purpose of emphasis, rather than using it for its true meaning. Our current swear words do not seem to be looked at as a taboo the way they used to be, and I believe this is a huge difference within the time period that has elapsed between then and now.

Society’s expectations victimize everyone, everywhere. Unfortunately, teenagers are the number one victims. At these ages, they are very vulnerable and tend to believe a lot of information they are told, simply just because. At a very young age, society hammers into us the ideas of what are “acceptable” and what are not. Essentially, society has built an image from our childhood that depicts “perfection”. The very standards of soceity are expressed in the toys of young children. Toys such as: Barbies, Ken dolls, and superhero action figures all orchestrate the ideal image of perfect faces and bodies. When people think they have not met society’s standards, they automatically feel belittled and turn to self-destruction, which can be in many forms such as: depression, anorexia, and, in the worst case scenario, suicide. Society creates these “unwritten rules” that we all feel obligated to follow, because nobody likes to be the outcast. No matter who you are, it’s always best to feel included. As of now, hipsters are very popular in the adolescent era. Hipsters began as people who didn’t care what people thought of them. They wanted to be different and set apart from the “in” crowd. But they have now become walking paradoxes. They claim to...

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