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Society View On Teaching Essay

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“Those who can not do, teach,” Now this may be a line from a Woody Allen movie, but one must truly believe that the American society has taken this idiom and ran with it, if you will. In this day in age, people believe that teachers are “washed up” or “took the easy route,” and that no one ever decided when they were a child they wanted to grow up and become a teacher. But instead that teachers were people who had given up on their dreams and decided to do teach instead. When looking at the views of society on teachers, people never respect their choice of career.
In the article “Why Do They Teach? - And Why Do They Leave?” Carol Curtis asks people from who are potential teachers all the way to teachers who have left their profession. This article is a survey in which asks potential teachers, why they would want to teach for the rest of the rest of their lives? And discusses the major points in which teachers leave this profession and the reason they felt un-supported in the school environment. When asking college aged students they asked, why do you want to teach? In response seventy one percent of these students said “for self-fulfillment” and a continued seventy percent said “they had a mentor or teacher who influenced them in a positive way” (780). So this shows that these teachers are going into this profession knowing for a fact this is what they want to do, and obviously are not giving up on their dreams. Teaching is much more to these potential teachers; it is being able to change a life. Not by teaching them what happened in the Civil War but by being a male/female influence when they do not have that at home, or just being the teacher they spend talking to twenty minutes after class about the small things in life. When these teachers said self-fulfillment, this is what they meant by this just being able to change the lives and mold young minds.
In an interview with a local high school teacher and basketball teacher, Mr. Carroll, the first question asked was the general why did you choose this profession, Carroll responded “Well, my father was a basketball coach and I saw the relationship he had with him and his former players and realized how, even after twenty years after not being a player for his team. These men would still call him and ask him any and every questions on life and I realized I wanted to impact young men’s life’s.” The following question, and probably most important. Do you honestly feel respected with parents? He responded, “Honestly, I have experienced complete and upmost disrespect, but at the same time complete respect. I usually do experience more disrespect but it depends on the person and part of the job is learning to deal with these harsh critiques.” Why is it that a man who pours his life by having practices six days a week and even more games. Is being yelled at because he was not playing their child enough. After the interview, he continued to discuss former players and current...

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