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Socioeconomic Status And Health Care Essay

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Socioeconomic Status and Health Care
Sharing My Own Perspective
There is a strong correlation with an individual or group SES and the quality of health care received. Social Economic Class relates to what group of class an individual fit in based on their income, which can include wages, investments or other source. The quality of care depends on the facilities that is offering the services, the staff, accessibility to the service and the kind of health insurance that the person has. Affording health care is expensive and the lower or poor class has to decide between being able to afford food or other daily needs and going to a clinic for screening. Most of the time, individuals who fall in the class will ignore the health signs while continue to work to feed the family. Individual who are in the middle class or upper class will have more access to resources such as better health insurance, access to better health facilities because they have cars and able to take a day from work, and having and higher education give you an advantage over other class. We can look at the southern belt to see how individuals with living in the southern states of the United States have deteriorating health and are more prone to diabetes, coronary heart disease, cancer and death.
The values that are operating in my perspective is my experience. I values certain things such as managing my money, preparing for my future as well as my family, getting an education is the gateway for social mobility. I also know the values of the individuals in the lower class of living paycheck to paycheck, there is limited planning, and as it relate to health, they are more likely to end up in the emergency room than scheduling an appointment with a physician. I can recall during high school that because my mom knew about getting insurance for me and my younger sibling, we were able to afford dental care from a local clinic. Some of my friends did not have the same privileges, which might be due to their parents not knowing about the certain program, or having the necessary document to qualify for it. In my high school, we had a health clinic that made sure all the kids’ immunization records was up to date. On the other side of Chicago where the community income was much lower, there was no health clinic at the school so whenever a child get ill, the parents of that child would have to take off work and seek medical treatment.
I also recall by my house around the corner, that there were a lot of shelter, food pantry and a mental clinic for individuals who display mental disorder. I always wondered why it was so close, but there was a large population of individual who were homeless, drug users and abusers and they were mostly African Americans, and minority Caucasian. My social identity inform my perspective, because I have seen many of my peers in similar SES class of mines not being concern about health care or their quality of care. I have also seen individuals in my community...

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