Sociologial Perspetctive: What´S Sociology? Essay

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What is sociology and what does the sociological perspective entail?
C. Wright Mills (1959:1-7)): “ Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both.” He illustrated that you need to understand the history of a certain society to understand what people in that society really are. History forges people, affects their action and who they are going to be. A person can only be defined by analysing his background, social structure, and so call “milieux”.
Also, Howard S Becker (1982:95-105) makes such statement in the article ”Culture: A Sociological View” that culture is also one of the most crucial factors that affect peoples’ behaviors. He defined culture elements as something traditional that have a profound influence in society and social norm and values. To conclude the main ideas of these two authors, they both talk about how background influences people and society, the background consists of history and culture. They might seem like the same thing; however, history is about the event and changes that impact and influences the society, but same issue might also have different impact in various cultural background, Gay marriage, for example, is drawing worldwide attentions and some governments in difference areas have similar ways to solve this certain issue but the overall opinions and feedbacks in places with various cultural backgrounds are different, so it is necessary to understand history and cultures.
As what I mentioned above, Sociology should be: The study of people’s relations and interactions by exploring the history of society and cultural backgrounds.
As for what the sociological perspective entail, sociological perspective should be the methodology of understanding the structure of the society and the behaviors of the human individually and as a whole. Mary Romero mainly introduced three types of sociological perspectives in “Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology”: Structural perspective, Conflict...

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