Sociological Concepts In Skinny Bastard, By Joel Best

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The following is an analysis of the sociological concepts described by Joel Best in the book Skinny Bastard. The main topics discussed in the book are: “learning the truth about protein and how it can make you fat”**, a “behind the scenes look at the meat industry”**, and the cruelty and contamination that occurs in the production of meat and dairy products. “Which foods can get rid of your gut, all the while still enjoying food”**, and in specific chapters discussing the social and moral importance of knowing whats in your food? The two authors/claimsmakers provide very disturbing insights and information about the foods that we all eat everyday, and give great ideas to whip your ass into shape, through practical application and extraordinary affirmations; making this book not only crucial for those looking to get in shape and learn to eat healthier, but providing great information for those already vegetarian or vegan.

The two main claimsmakers/experts are Rory and Kim who are on the fringe of societal norms when it comes to issues concerning the nutritional standards of the meat and dairy conglomerates. In the chapter Meat: Rotting Decaying, Decomposing Flesh, we learn the truth behind the “farm” raised meat and dairy industry. While not only horrifying, cruel, and inhumane for the animals that are raised there, it is responsible for the onset of early puberty in females, the dramatic increase in heart disease, colon cancer, prostate cancer, birth defects, heavy-metal poisoning, among a host of other physiological diseases and issues. While the majority of society would agree that these are valance issues relating directly to the tangible culture, particularly effecting the pre-scripted and pro-scripted norms, they become blind to the causes simply choosing to eat their genetically manipulated, steroid and antibiotic infused big mac’s. Causatively the symbolic interaction of society changes, that is the everyday interactions between people begin to effect socially constructed reality. The way peoples beliefs, values and ethics shape the looking glass self; the development of self image based off the perceptions of others. All the while the major industries continue to wield their iron rule of oligarchy spewing their propaganda about the positive effects of their products, while the Environmental Protection Agency and Federal Drug Agency backed by their financial supporters i.e. the meat and dairy industry, propagate the cycle and continue the subversion of our future generations in the perennial failing of mankind based on Irving Janis’s groupthink theory in which the greatest danger is that Individual critical thinking will be replaced by acquiescence. Resulting in irrational and dehumanizing actions against fringe out groups. This brings forth the positional claims of both concerned citizens promoting the transparency of the industry, and intransigent activists that want the re-socialization of the industry and the government agencies...

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