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One element of culture that Oklahoma State University (OSU) exhibits is values. Values are deeply held principles or standards by which people make judgments about the world. OSU presents the value of education, similar to how our entire culture presents it, which prepares students for their future. Receiving a good education will provide opportunity for a good job in the future. Other values of OSU are alumni and sports teams. OSU values taking care of alumni and keeping them involved, especially donators to the college. For example, they get the best seats at sporting events and are always asked to come back and talk to the students to tell their stories of their success.
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Another thing that students know is which parking zone to park at. If they do not read the signs by the parking lots they will either get fined or even sometimes towed. This is an enforcer when it comes to the right parking but many students know and want to abide by the parking rules.
OSU exemplifies cultural norms about appropriate behavior. For example, tobacco use is illegal on campus, which keeps the campus cleaner and gives it a better overall image around the country. Bullying is another example that has become more popular over the years throughout OSU, which violates rules and expectations of OSU. Unlike high school, college students follow the norm of not bullying. Dressing appropriately to classes is also a norm at OSU, especially wearing orange since that is the school’s color.
When there is an accumulation of our behaviors that we all see most of the time, it seems to become a part of our culture. Some of the behaviors presented at OSU are the pursuit of a formal education for students to become successful upon graduation. Students realize that they have to...

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