Sociological Essay On Brushing Teeth.

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Socilogical Imagination (brushing teeth)Sociology is the study of human social life, groups and societies. Sociological imagination demonstrates the need to take a much broader view of why we as we are and why we act as we do. Learning to think sociologically looking in other words at the broader view means cultivating the imagination. Studying sociology cannot just be a routine process of acquiring knowledge. A sociologist is some one who is able to break free from the immediacy of personal circumstances and put things into a wider context. Sociologists view the world, going beyond common sense, employing the sociological imagination. Shows the scientific method and presents it being applied to human social life, following sociologists on one research project. The sociological imagination enables us to grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within society. Performing a basic activity also helps in social interaction. Sociological imagination helps the individual to understand the society in which they live in by moving the individual away from reality and looking behind the picture itself, it helps to show a strong link between an individual's personal life and the society in which they live. C.WRIGHT HILLS, an American author coined sociological imagination as a study which enables us to think ourselves away from the familiar routines of our daily lives i.e. Of "BRUSHING TEETHS", order to look at them a new as a part of our day-day social activities. The activity of brushing teeth can be focused by discussing the three levels. These are: Micro level, Meso level, Macro levelThe 1st stage in sociological imagination is that of micro level. It explains and concentrates on the routine activity of an individual which basically emphasis on ones personal hygiene. The valuing of hygiene's is socially constructed and socially reinforced. Brushing teeth is one of the basic activities i.e. A day-day activity which is being followed and practiced from generation. It is also a discipline having its own values and norms, which is inculcated within the family. The number of times a person brushes depends on ones satisfaction level, and also keeping in mind it is one of the preventive measures o avoid mouth infections and diseases. This paragraph concludes that brushing teeth plays a vital role in an individual's personal life.In the meso level, there is a discussion about the individuals interaction with the society i.e. It deals with individuals in groups. Society is diverse in nature having it own norms and values which are already being followed from generations and change accordingly For e.g. In today's time brushing teeth does count on ones status and the way he present himself to the society around, as people take notice of every possible thing and this makes an...

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