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To understand the term `Sociological Imagination', it is important to identify what
Sociology is and what do sociologists study. It is also vital to look at the three basic
concerns of the sociological imagination or perspective, which include Social Structure,
Social Institutions and Social Processes. Moreover, it is necessary to understand what C.
Wright Mills means when he mentions "the personal troubles of milieu" and "the public
issues of social structure", and how it helps us to understand the society in which we live in.
What is `Sociological Imagination'? To answer this question a person must first
know what Sociology is. Sargent (1994) states that "There is no short answer... however,
we can come to understand the nature of Sociology." It may be explained as the study of
society. R.Van Kraken et all (2000) explains it in a more complex sense as "the
description and analysis of the social forces that shape human behavior in contemporary
social life."

Sociological imagination is central to the study of society because it allows
many of the personal troubles of individuals to be understood and solved on a larger,
social level. Sociology is concerned with the human behavior around society. Not from
within the individual but outside the individual. Another question that would arise before
looking into the `Sociological imagination' is what do sociologists study? Sociologists
concern themselves with the human behavior, what influences them and manipulates
them to behave in that manner. Sociologists focus on the three basic concerns of the
sociological imagination or perspective for explanations. Social structure, deals with the
formation of society, how it was formed and why is it the way it is today.

Giddens, A (1997) states "It is the business of sociology to investigate...

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