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The concept of a sociological imagination is to be able to look at something from another perspective in order to look at our own lives in a new way. In order to have a sociological imagination, one must look away from their situation and look at an alternative point of view. It is the concept of being able to see things socially and how they interact and influence one another as well as seeing the general pattern in the particular, in this case, based on time period. I was able to apply the sociological imagination through accounts of what life was like for Evelyn Rogers in the 50’s and forward. From childhood till today, Evelyn has been amongst the priviledged-upper middle class families.
I was at Rancho Solano’s Emeritus Assisted Living facility visiting my grandma when I saw Evelyn in the café. She isn’t a resident there but was visiting a friend who is.
Evelyn Rogers, formerly Evelyn Hendrickson, was born on July 17th, 1949 to an upper middle class family in Swansboro, North Carolina. She was the youngest, having one older sister named, Caroline whom was only about a year older her. Her mother came from a religious Christian family, she pursued the life of a housewife while her father was a general physician then a few years into his career, joined the Navy-causing the family to move on base to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina where he worked at the Naval Hospital. She admits to have lived a privileged childhood, her family lived a comfortable life in a suburban, upper middle class neighborhood. Of course racism was at a peak especially in the south. Her neighborhood consisted of only white people who were of the same social class as her family.
As a child, she and her sister shared mutual friends who lived in the same neighborhood them. Evelyn and her sister would go to school everyday, come home and do their chores, then have about two hours of playtime. She had a strict curfew of 5 o’clock every evening, go home to set the table and help her mother prepare get ready for dinner. After dinner, she would do her homework and have an hour of family time before their bedtime of 9:30. They kept this ‘family time’ trend for almost very weekend up until she and her sister went off to college.
Due to the strict nature of her parents, they preferred for her to attend an all-women’s college, she attended Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina where she studied liberal arts and received her bachelors degree. She married Drew Rogers at the age of 20-while she was in college but did not halt her studies because Jerald would get deployed on a mission soon after. They began living together a year after marriage, after Evelyn had completed college and Drew retired from the United States Marine Corps.
Evelyn had an arranged marriage but they soon fell in love after. She had her first child about a year and a half after marriage, she gave birth to a girl and named her Amanda, then another year later, she had another daughter and named her Eliza....

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