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Society is changing so rapidly that sociology has become the study of social change. Social change happens all the time, it's controversial and premeditated but often unplanned and these changes matter more to others. Especially, during our productive periods of our history, social change was considered as advancement and it was implicit to be getting better. This optimistic view of change was proposed by the evolutionary theory. This evolutionary theory suggests that growth is always good and that stagnation leads to decay. To understand this theory, it's important to understand and look at it from a sociological perspective. It's a way of significantly assess the world, society, and social behavior of individual or groups of people. This sociological perspective is divided into two level analysis, macrolevel analysis and microlevel analysis. Diana Kendall. (2008)Macrolevel analysis is the analysis of social systems, societies, and populations based on a large scale, such as, conflict theory and functionalism. Moreover, microlevel analysis is the analysis of daily human social interactions determined on a small scale, such as, symbolic interactions.
Looking at evolution from a sociological perspective, evolutionary theory is about societies evolving from simple and antiquated to more convoluted and enhanced, such as, from an animal to human (Darwinism). The concept of "Darwinism" implies a relationship to such beliefs as "survival of the fittest" and that beneficial genetic alterations and adaptations will be passed on to future generations of a species. Diana Kendall. (2008) An evolutionary theorist named Herbert Spencer believed that society is known as social Darwinism. He also believed that the functions of society members became more specialized and better coordinated into a larger system as the society grows (also show the progress). Usually, changes like this create social problem rather than The social progress.Diana Kendall. (2008)
An article from Washington Post, titled In Today's Viral World, Who Keeps a Civil Tongue? discusses three issues that we have discussed: 1) evolutionary model theory, 2) people's inability to use sociological perspective when dealing with life issues, and 3) class consciousness. This article uses Ms. Charisse Carney-Nunes, an African American children's books author, as a platform to discuss the increasingly aggressive attack behavior associated with today's online community, particularly as it relates to politics and political figures. The article touches on how today's political arena, commentary, and fighting is much different because of the internet and anomie is most likely to occur. Carney-Nunes was viciously attacked by Fox News; Michelle Malkin, a conservative writer; and hundreds of conservative Americans who heard about her in the media, as well as online. She read one of her books at an elementary school and was presented with a song/rap about Obama by the children as part of a project...

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