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A) Socialist feminism argues that both men and women – may also believe that economic and emotional dependence go hand in hand. Fearful of the loss of economic security, a husband’s power over his wife is absolute. An example of this characteristic from the socialist branch can be seen in my own personal life. When I was growing up, I experienced how my father would completely disregard my mother and her duties serving the household and the family, as she was a stay-at-home mom and my father worked and got paid for his labor. Her domestic work was trivialized as my father felt that he was doing “real” work. Because of this, my mother was quite submissive towards my father’s behavior because ...view middle of the document...

One example from the research of Erving Goffman that describes his concept of front stage is how people are sensitive to how they are seen by others and use many forms of impression management to compel others to react to them in the ways they wish (Giddens 91).

Sociological Speculation Through Theory
Socialization, the social process through which children develop an awareness of social norms and values while achieving a distinct sense of self, is evident in everyday life, and is essential for the survival and stability of society (Lecture 1, 3/31/14). This very understanding of socialization comes largely into play in the 1997 documentary “Barbie Nation: An Unauthorized Tour” directed by Susan Stern and the 2007 film “The Namesake” directed by Mira Nair. In “Barbie Nation” and “The Namesake,” the broad ideas of gender, ethnicity, norms and values can be utilized to comprehend the symbolism present. In my opinion, identifying the importance of gender, ethnicity, and norms and values in both pieces is vital in order to seek how the liberal feminist theory connects to gender roles and how the symbolic interaction theory relates to ethnicity and norms and values for those who are identify themselves from another part of the world.
“Barbie Nation” is a documentary that allows one to experience the phenomena of Barbie from its conception to the present day. The quote represented regarding Barbie and her legendary significance in a social context is one that can be directly related to the ideas that form the basis of the liberal feminist theory. Liberal feminists seek alliance with men and are in favor of gender equality (Lecture 4, 4/09/14). The Barbie doll, over the years, has changed in terms of appearance, but remains very in favor of empowering the womankind. I see Barbie to promote the liberal branch of feminism; in the sense that it depicts that women are just as capable as men. For instance, in the documentary, there is a sequence where we see the various “jobs” that Barbie has taken on, whether a military personnel, a doctor, businesswoman, etcetera. These occupations are, generally, more male dominated in comparison to females. Due to this fact, the Barbie doll instills in young girls that they can hold these occupations as well, contradictory to what is actually present in society. In addition, Barbie is marketed to young girls as being extremely dynamic – she is both a workingwomen and a mother. It enforces the notion that women can be anything they desire to be, and the gender roles that are placed in our societies can be defied. I argue that this doll advocates gender equality, as it allows female in all demographics to find unity on some level, and the strength to pursue whatever they want. Furthermore, in the documentary, we are exposed to Barbie in many different ways, demonstrating just how iconic she has become over time. Some consumers explore her in sexual fantasies, play-acting, and in numerous other forms. However, the most...

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