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Sociology 110 Notes, Very Good Notes On The Basis Of Sociology!! Helped Me To Get An A On The Test!

1098 words - 4 pages

I- Issue R-Rule/Definition/Concept...Define A-Analysis C-ConclusionChapter 1American Sociological Association1.What is Sociology? -Soc. Is one of the social and behavioral sciences, but it is set apart from the others by a unique viewpoint. This viewpoint includes the notions of science, social structure, social interaction, and social change.2.Karl Marx- Saw the revolution as one stage in the social evolution of human societies. Under Capitalism, workers and capitalists are separated by ownership of means of production. Marx saw revolution creation of classless society. Profit drives wages down/proletariat will revolt/pro. Forms new government and means of production3.Durkheim- Mechanical Solidarity= social solidarity based on shared values. Organic solidarity= functional interference among people.4.Weber- Rationalization= heavily emphasizes deliberate calculation, efficiency, and effectiveness in acc. goals5.Theoretical Perspectives- Functionalism(macro)= view society as a system of parts that work together to maintain the whole system in a state of equilibrium. When equilibrium is disturbed, set activities is set in motion that aims to restore equilibrium. Social Conflict Theorists(macro)= stresses the role of power in social relations and in organization of society. C.T. views society as consisting of conflicting groups locked into a struggle to control their own destiny as well as the destiny of other groups. Symbolic Interactionists= individ. Construct the nature of there social world through interaction and everyday encounters through symbols and language. Risks overlooking widespread effects like culture/race/gender/class.6.Research methods- Qualitative= designed to obtain the subjective understanding, interpretation, and meaning of social behavior. To obtain such understanding, qualitative researchers rely on such techniques as studying historical records, life histories, in-depth interviews, and participant observation. Quantitative= rely heavily on statistical and mathematical techniques. Survey and controlled experiment are two basic quantitative approaches.Science- Scientific method... What happened?Why?How? Auguste Comte' (FATHER OF SOCIOLOGY)Alienation- A situation, in which people, having lost control over their lives, are estranged from their social world and feel that life is meaningless. (MARX)Mechanical Solidarity- Social solidarity based on shared values.(DURKHEIM)Organic Solidarity- based on functional interdependence among people.(DURKHEIM)Anomie- A social condition in which social norms are conflicting and entirely absent.(DURKHEIM wrote suicide)Harriet Martineau- Society in America and expanded comte.CHAPTER 2:Material culture: tools to accomplish goals. Non-material Culture: values, ideologies, symbols, language.Society: group who shares territory and culture. Cultural lag: the tendency for material elements of culture to change before the non-material elements do.Theories of change and development- Technology may...

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