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Sociology And Human Behavior Essay

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Sociology has come a long way since it first began, with new discoveries and a better understanding of how society functions as a whole. Scientists are able to see how the behaviours of each individual helps us to further our knowledge about its origins and development. However, there are still a number of aspects of sociology that are up for debate. One of these topics is the primacy of structure and agency in influencing in human behaviour. Structure is defined as the designed arrangements which impacts or limits the decisions and opportunities available. Agency is referred as the capability of individuals to act by themselves and make their own choices free of influence (Duffy and ...view middle of the document...

He believed that bodies need to face and solve certain problems before it can be accepted into society such as: relation to others, desire, relation to the self and control (Frank, 1999: 45). Once these problems are solved, people can begin to integrate their bodies into society, but there is still the issue of how far people can push their bodies passed the structure and image society has before it becomes distasteful.
Crossley (2004) analyzes the increase in obesity, and believes that there is an immediate connection between the social process and the biological body to the point where the body is discovered to be an extremely delicate system (Crossley, 2004: 23). In today’s society, everyone is trying to look a certain way but still want to be their own person and this due to being self-conscious of our bodies. Being self-conscious is a natural feeling that the general population has, and the rising rate of obesity does not sit well with the idea of being self-conscious (Crossley, 2004: 7). Gaining weight tends to fall more into agency, even though it occurs in the blind spots, as it is our choice not to exercise and diet, but when individuals gain weight they begin to fall outside the social structure of what a body should look, and are at risk of being stigmatized (Crossley, 2004: 25).
With the struggle between following the structure of society and trying to be your own individual, it can create a lot of social strain, which in turn can make a large amount of people uncomfortable (Crossley, 2004: 25). On the off chance that we neglect our own idea of what social structure means, and fall into what...

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