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Sociology Career Essay

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Sociology Career EssayThe field I am writing about is the field of sociology. The physical aspect is field research and the mental aspect is the studying of data and other records to find hidden specifics in the numerical findings that aren't so obvious on the field.By definition sociology is the study of the behavior and interaction of people in groups or solitary individuals. Sociology is not based on philosophical speculations, but instead of based on experimentation and measurement. Sociology is a field that you should be highly specialized in one area. The most well known fields are criminology and a professor at a university or college.The nature of being a sociologist is being very curious. Curiosity is the main tool of a sociologist. A sociologist will usually be in an office or working space such as a laboratory. Also another large chunk of work will be setting up experiments and making observations based on distinct interactions between groups or individuals. By understanding the common needs, thoughts, patterns and ideas of a group of people, an organization can provide better for the individual. A sociologist must be a people person because they often work closely with other specialists in the profession.Requirements for a sociologist must possess an open mind, and must be able to judge situations without being bias or prejudice so as not to affect the outcome of their study, good communication skills because on many cases gathering information is based on interviewing people and interacting with their societies. On the way of colleges an aspiring sociologist will find that having a masters degree can find them a job with the government, industrial firms or research organizations. Often people with specific training in research methods have a better advantage at getting a job. Most sociologists have a doctorate degree, and most sociologists are professor at colleges or universities. Job candidates often faire better if their graduate work includes research and field work. Specialized studies are often helpful. As a high school student who is interested in the field of sociology should take college preparatory classes. They will need English, Mathematics, a foreign language course, and also courses in Science and Social Studies. If the person intends to work in the government they would need to pass the civil service exam, a language proficiency exam may...

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