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The McDonaldization system offers the society an opportunity to get food cheaper and faster. On the other hand, not only has this system revolutionized the way we obtain food, but changed the way we live. In today’s society, everything revolves around time, and individuals are used to the style of living in a fast moving environment. In the article, “The McDonalds System,” George Ritzer proclaims, “that many other aspects of the society are being, or will be, McDonaldized. This raises the issue of why McDonald’s model has proven so irresistible. Four basic and alluring dimensions lie at the heart of the success of the McDonald’s model and, more generally, of the process of McDonaldization “(453). It is evident that the McDonald’s model is incorporating four strategies in providing services that allow us to get products easily.
First of all, the McDonald model is efficiently in providing customers services. For instance, individuals the drive-through window offers individuals the commodities obtain fast-food meals without getting out of their vehicle (Ritzer 443). Secondly, the McDonald model offers customers a bargain of getting more food at a cheaper prize in a convenient time manner. Customers can buy fast-food meals for fewer than five dollars, as oppose to getting a pound of organic apples in the supermarket. This does not take in to account the time one has to spend choosing the “good quality” of organic apples. Thirdly, the McDonald model, offers “predictability. … Knowing that McDonalds ‘offers no surprises, that the food we eat one time or in one place will be identical to the food we at another time or in another place” (Ritzer 454). This means that any fast-food meal we buy in Chicago is going to taste the same, as the one we buy in Florida. Fourthly, the McDonald system “control … through the substitution of non-human technology” (Ritzer (454). In other words, the employees that work in McDonald are expected obey instructions as they are advice, which helps the system to prevent human error. Also, the customers are controlled by the McDonald environment, such as “limited menus, few options, and uncomfortable seat seats” (Ritzer 454). As a result, of the restaurants unpleasant eating conditions, customers are more likely to leave as soon as they finish eating, as oppose to staying and socializing with other customers eating in the same restaurant.
Due to the high demands of the population, large industries have adapted these dimensions to expand their profits. Even though, this system seems to be rational by satisfying our needs, Ritzer agrees that “rationalization threatens to engulf all of the society lacking us all in what Weber called an iron cage of rationality” (492). From Ritzer perspective, the McDonald model has become the “irrationality of rational” because it is not only making us dependant on the commodities it offers, but on the negative outcomes this system creates over time. The negative outcomes are...

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