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Sociology In Movies Essay

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Melissa FalconeMay 28, 2014SOC 433Dr. KBUTCHER BOYThis movie, like THE CLOCKWORK ORANGE, works best as a dark comedy and social satire, and is somewhat successful as a character study of a deeply-troubled young boy whose violent impulses are fed by his unstable environment. THE BUTCHER BOY is a consistently engrossing and sporadically comic look at a seemingly-normal boy who turns into the biggest nightmare of a small Irish town. THE BUTCHER BOY takes place during the early 1960s, when the fear of atomic obliteration was on everyone's mind, even the natives of out- of-the-way villages like the one pictured here. 12-year old Francie Brady is the local bully, just like Alex was in THE CLOCKWORK ORANGE. Francie and his best friend, just like Alex and his droogs, find delight in tormenting other kids, especially the shy Philip whose mother, Mrs. Nugent, is Francie's personal nemesis. According to him, everything that's bad in the world can be traced back to her. Meanwhile, Francie's home life is less-than-ideal. His mother is on the verge of a breakdown and about to be sent off to "the garage" to be fixed up, and his father, "the best drinker in the town," is frequently drunk and abusive.At first, we view Francie as a fairly typical product of a dysfunctional home, but it soon becomes apparent that his problems run much deeper. This isn't the story of a prankster who finds redemption in a Dickensian fashion -- it's a darker, more worrying tale about a boy whose hostile surroundings feed his inner anger and paranoia that pushes him into an amoral monster. Most coming-of-age films are about kids triumphing by overcoming adversity. THE BUTCHER BOY shows what happens when a child fights back not by bettering himself, but...

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