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Sociology: Is It Something To Trifle With?

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Sociology: Is It Something To Trifle With?
At Florida College, there is something to be said about the quality of education in that the faculty make certain what is taught is held next to the candle of God’s Word. The students learn in an environment drastically different than that of nearly every major university. Students have the opportunity to learn without the constant battle against those who would see their faith collapse. Teachers at Florida College, as New Testament Christians, provide knowledge that does not contradict Godly principles. On the other hand, the material required for sociology contains sociological perspectives and theories contradictory to biblical principles that ...view middle of the document...

Ultimate knowledge is found in the statement made in Ecclesiastes 12:13: “… Fear God and keep his commandments, For this is man’s all.”
Merton argues deviance arises from the incongruences between a society’s emphasis on attaining certain goals and the availability of legitimate, institutionalized means of reaching those goals. Doob argues deviance is social behavior that violates significant norms at specific points in time. Both Doob’s and Merton’s theory suggest that what is unacceptable today might be regarded as acceptable tomorrow. However, there are sacred principles in the Bible that are taught to be universally and enduringly pertinent. Deviance will not be stopped by enforcement, but self-regulation based on the belief that the violation of God’s law carries with it a divine degree of importance. The rules of society are seen as restrictive, and many do not believe in the system because when values are determined by people they are guaranteed to be dysfunctional to some extent. On the other hand, God’s law provides equal freedom in Christ, and teaches love as the most important characteristic for society, while sociologist teach that institutional reform based on social control is the...

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