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Sociology Of Law In Real Life: James Desmond Booth V. Florida

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James Desmond Booth, who is presently 30, had received good grades all throughout all his years in school and had a good family life, after being adopted by his grandparents. He also played varsity basketball in his hometown, at New Smyrna Beach High School. His grandmother, Beulah Booth, stated that her grandson was also a good father to his daughter and infant son, while other family members suggested that he loved his young children and he continues to make contributions in their lives. It is peculiar that a man with these beginnings and familial connections went on to receive seven felony convictions, with some including “possession of a stolen firearm, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and possession of ammunition by a convicted felon” (Frederick 2014 p.1: Sept. 29, 2009). After sitting in on the current trial brought against Mr. Booth and taking notes, sociological theories of crime were utilized to help to interpret the previous actions of this particular man’s history of misconduct.
About a week ago, Booth was on trial for the murder of 46 year-old Debra Gibson, a confidential informant for the police, as well as witness tampering, at the Volusia County Courthouse in Deland. The case was heard before Circuit Judge Randell H. Rowe, III. Assistant State Attorneys Ryan Will and Ed Davis prosecuted Booth, while J. Peyton Quarles and William F. Hathaway were his defense attorneys.
The prosecutors explained in their opening statement that Booth sold drugs to Gibson in December 2010, and was subsequently arrested for the transaction shortly after. After Booth was arrested for drug trafficking, he suspected Gibson was the confidential informant in the case against him. Booth planned to murder Gibson to prevent her from testifying against him in the drug charge. Booth did not want to return to prison and miss the first years of his son’s life, in the same way that he had done with his daughter. The prosecutors stated that Booth fatally gunned down Gibson by shooting her in the back and in the face.
In the opening statement made by the defense, it was stated that a witness said there was a man in the house known by his nickname “G” just before Gibson was shot. The defense also said that Booth did not know that Gibson was the confidential informant. The two attorneys also suggested that there were plenty of people in the illegal drug community that would have had an interest in getting rid of Gibson.
The story of what occurred on the night of Jan. 25th, 2011 then began to be laid out by the prosecutors. Prosecutor Davis said Booth had Jessica Hickson, 33, a New Smyrna Beach prostitute nicknamed “Dirty Foot” who was also one of his drug customers, lure Gibson to her house on Oak Street. Hickson initially told police about a man named “G”, but later changed her story.
Prosecutors then said that the setup worked this way: Gibson had wanted to trade some pills for crack cocaine and Hickson said she could arrange that. Hickson then...

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