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Sociology Term Paper On The Film "8 Mile"

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The film "8 Mile" is about the life struggles of an upcoming aspiring teenage rapper named Jimmy also known as Rabbit.. His neighborhood is very poverty stricken and most buildings are condemned with gang graffiti written on them. The only businesses in this neighborhood that were open are gun stores, gun ranges and liquor stores. Most of the houses are vacant also. Rabbits lives in a trailer park with his mom, her boyfriend and his young sister Lilly. They are constantly being threaten with being evicted due to non-payment of rent.Rabbit's mom is a stereotypical welfare mom. Dating young men, she drinks a lot, uses bad language in front of her very young daughter Lilly, and is often drunk in front of Lilly also. This family lives in the slum area of Detroit and they are dreadfully poor. Rabbit's mom is just barely fit to be a mom. However, she does have a good side that appeared twice during the movie. She does care for her children and on occasion actually talks and behaves like some of the best moms in society. In fact, in an attempt to live a better life she couples up a man in hopes he will marry her and take her and Lilly away from the life of poverty they are in and move them into a big brick house with a picket fence.Meanwhile Rabbit has dreams cutting a demo record deal and becoming rich and famous. He does have talent and many good friends, but he also has several bad freinds. In his quest to be rich and famous, he doesn't see how his friend Wink and his girlfriend Alex is using him. Rabbit and his 5 best friend have a group called three one third. There's also rival rapper squad called Leaders of the Free world. They have more money and appear to be in a higher social class than Three One Third. The only thing that mater to both of these groups is rapping and winning rap contests. Their is a club called, The Shelter; everyone goes their and The shelter host rap battle contests. This is a very important event to Rabbit his group and to the other rival group. All the teenagers, wannabe...

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