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In constructing their solutions, the CSX (like most social movments) have taken a prognostic and motivation approach. First, the rise of coalitions between consumers and other allies has allowed for more brain power and different options, which has lead to changes in policies and creation of programs that allow for better living conditions and treatment of mental health consumers. Second, research has indicated that empowering indivudals has had a positive impact on their personal lives and their health. Through the creation and particpation of Consumer/ Survivor Intitiatives ( CSIs) mental health consumers have seen successes such as: employment for cosumers/ survivors, ...view middle of the document...

Some of examples of the roles that the consumers can take include ( but are not limited to) peer Specialist or Peer Support Specialist, Peer Mentor/Peer Counselor, Office of Consumer Affairs Director or Recipient Affairs Director. (Onken, Dunmont and Ridgeway, 2002. p.25.) Consumers are alos invovled in the evaluation of treatment services. Consumers task is to design and direct studies that can meet the needs of the target population and promote their recovery and reintegration into the community (Onken, Dunmont and Ridgeway, 2002, p.27.) Finally, there are some rolesinvolved at the hospital level, which are more an admisntrative/ patient advocacy type roles. These roles include ( but are not limited to: Filing grievances through the client grievance system, participation in the hospital’s performance improvement system, participation in the hospital’s policy review process and more (Onken, Dunmont and Ridgeway, 2002, p,28) Furthermore, mental health resources such as the CFTRC are implementing a patient and cultured centered approach, in the hopes of changing in the current medical model ( CRTC, 2009.)

Major progress has been made in changing the attitudes surrounding mental health consumers/ survivors. However, three major issues are creating a road block for these changing attitudes. First, solutions have been documented predominantly by organizations and/ or professionals that are allies of the movement, but not from the survivors themselves. This has created a bias in the research when learning about the solutions implemented by a movement made of mental health consumers and survivors.
Next, One of the main goals of the movement, is to illustrate to the rest of society, that mental health comsumers/ suvivors are ‘ just like the rest of society’. However, because they are piggy backing on the claims of the diabilities movements, mental health...

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