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Have you ever watched a show named “Sherlock”? In this show, the main character, Sherlock, always say that he is intelligent sociopath. Many people wonder what is sociopath. Usually, people are under misconception that sociopath and psychopath are the same. Sometimes, person do not even aware of himself being a sociopath. However, sociopath made by environment that he is living in. Sociopath is not genetically or biologically made.
Sociopath is a kind of anti-social behavior. The term sociopath was first introduce in 1909 in Germany by biological psychiatrist Karl Birnbaum and in 1930 in the US by educational psychologist George E. Parttridge, as a subtype of Psychopath. It was used to indicate that the defining feature is violation of antisocial behavior. Robert Hare, who may believe that biological factors are predominant in causing psychopathy, claimed that sociopathy and psychopathy are often used interchangeably, but in some cases the term sociopathy is preferred because it is less likely than is psychopathy to be confused with psychosis. Hare also believed that sociopath was made due to social factors whereas psychopathy was made by psychological,biological, and genetic factors. (Wikipedia)
Someone who is describe as a sociopath will have several traits that make them apart from normal people. First, sociopath lacks of empathy. He is unable to feel sympathy for others or to understand the emotional result of their actions. Second, sociopath always calculates the advantage and disadvantage of his action. He does not do something if there is not enough advantage. Third, sociopath lacks of emotions in mostly everything that is around them. For instance, a sociopath has a limited capacity feeling of love. Fourth, sociopath tends to admire and love his personality. Fifth, sociopath might sees his-self as a God or a leader of a country. He or she tends to think he is superior than others. Sixth, sociopath tends to appear understanding and generous to others. However, this is only the delusion created by sociopath. Seventh, sociopath has a high IQ in general in order to plan and manipulate his plan. Eighth, sociopath tends to take advantage of law. He or she uses loopholes in order to gain authority or maintain power he posses. Ninth, sociopath always need motivation, otherwise, sociopath quickly gets bored. Lastly, sociopath tends to make fake apologies in order to get rid of the current situation.
The studies have shown that 4% of world population is sociopath. This might not sounds like a big number. However, if you consider there are 12 million sociopath in United States of America, the number is not quiet small.
Many people believe that sociopath makes many politicians. As it turns out, this stereotype has some basis in fact. According to solid psychological research and theory, politicians often end up possessing qualities common in sociopaths — or simply are sociopaths themselves. The “politicians are sociopaths” theory is obviously hard...

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