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Socrates, A Great Philosopher Essay

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Socrates, Born 470 BC, a young yet noble Greek philosopher. Socrates was credited with laying out the principles of modern Western philosophy but was best known for Socratic Irony and the Socratic Method. He is best recognized for the innovation of pedagogy. This being, the teacher would question a student in which draws out the correct response upon the student. Plato was younger than Socrates. He was born 427 BC. Plato was also a Greek philosopher such as Socrates. He was greatly known for the first association of higher learning throughout the Western world. Plato was also known as being one of Socrates many students. Lastly there is Aristotle, he was the youngest of the three. He too was a Greek philosopher along with the rest. Aristotle was best known for his writings, in which including many topics. Each philosopher had a great impact on the Western Civilizations. One working off from another. Three people, one civilization. These three spectacular noble philosophers will soon be heard by many.
As was mentioned, these three philosophers worked off one another. Socrates ran and taught a sophist school with Chaerephon.... Socrates then found his own school the Lyceum in 335 BC. Socrates was the individual in which started philosophy. He was a philosopher in which wore very cheap clothes and was usually barefoot. He never worried about his appearance. Socrates also thought that individuals did not ned material possessions did not make one happy. Socrates centered around moral and ethical teachings. If someone was to coping his teaching styles, they were referred to ads being sophists. He was one who did not just present himself with a school at first. He became known by inserting his own personal opinions within mere conversations This was how he became recognized. Socrates was known as one of the best known teachers for philosophy, yet he never charged for his teachings. Tragically in 399 Socrates was convicted of not believing in the gods in which he was suppose to which resulted in his execution.
The Lyceum if often where the philosopher of Plato spent a lot of his time. Plato was one of the many individuals that was Socrates student. Plato was important to Socrates. Much of the trial of Socrates.... would not have been acknowledged with out the help of Plato and Xenophon. Many of Plato’s writings have dated back, after Socrates’s trial and executions. Earlier in Plato’s lifetime, he showed a great amount of interests in politics. This then changed due to the death sentence of Socrates’ and after the Thirty Tyrants that assumed power in 404 BC. Plato was very attached to Socrates. After becoming a student of Socrates, he began to focus his attention towards the question of what consists a virtuous life. Plato then developed his own school in which consisted of the teachings of philosophy. What was so impressive was this building was able to stand for over nine hundred years. Plato was shown as a wise during this time period. This was...

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