Socrates: Much More Than A Legend

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Around the fourth century BCE, philosophy in Ancient Greece arose rapidly. This early form was speculative, so it was based entirely off the reasoning process without any factuality involved. While the Hellenistic Era approached, philosophy was taken to a whole new level. During Greece’s Golden Age, Socrates emerged expanding on these basic beliefs by using his inquisitive mind. Although Socrates’ ideology set the basis for western thought, his dedication to his beliefs brought him about as a polarizing figure in Athens.
With Socrates’s ability of daringly questioning people’s fundamental beliefs, came a brand new reputation. He was the first person to present the idea of a distinction between the body and the soul (Huffman 567). In the end, Socrates placed an emphasis on the soul because it contained all of a person’s views. One of his main beliefs was that people just accept the ideas of others without thinking principles out for themselves (Zannos 32). A well-known technique of cross-examination that allowed each individual to recognize misinterpreted thoughts was the Socratic Method (King 23). It consisted of the philosopher asking simple questions, then giving his pupils a chance to respond. If the answer was inaccurate, they were to rethink it and justify the error that had misled them before. This convenient process allowed anybody to seek themselves and end up with a simple solution. In addition, he offered lectures free of charge, only hoping to educate his pupils in such a way that they would become just like him (Zannos 33). Therefore, he was emotionally attached with them and only wanted their well-being. However, one of his students who seemed loyal, Alcibiades, betrayed Athens in the Peloponnesian War by joining Sparta (Zannos 39). The old man was left heartbroken after all the effort he had put into educating the traitor. For the very first time, he regretted teaching valuable concepts.
Not many people plan to get along with everyone they meet considering that every person is unique. However, Socrates intended on completing this goal without complaining at all. He married his wife Xantipe who was aggressive at all times, not focusing on how he could live with such a woman. As time progressed on, he began to try to understand his wife’s lifestyle (Zannos 31). Socrates claimed everybody has something unusual about them, so others should just accept it. In fact, he himself was beyond normal when compared to a typical person in the polis. When aroused with a conflict, Socrates would go into a trance-like state, forgetting all of the events taking place in reality (Zannos 31). Hours would have passed before he had come up with an answer (All of his fellow men would have left).
While he strolled the Athenian Sports grounds, he looked forward to picking up debates with anyone (Sacks OL). The victim would get caught up in his argument, in the end being forced to reflect on their present and past life (Nardo 42). After...

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