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A master artisan and innovator of the Greek tragedy, Sophocles's insightful plays haveheld their value throughout countless time periods and societies. Through the use of commonliterary techniques, Sophocles was able to express themes and ideas that reflect all ofhumankind. On particular idea was that Sophocles believed that hubris is destructive and willeventually lead to one's demise.Creon, the proud king of Thebes has such a fatal flaw. His hubris alienates Teiresias,Haimon, and his people. Teiresias attempts to explain to Creon the severity of Creon'sactions, but Creon only shuns Teiresias. No matter how potent the signs, Creon 'would notyield,' (Scene 5, Line 47). Creon's hubris prevents him from recognizing his self-destructivebehavior. Instead, he accuses Teiresias of disloyalty and succumbing to bribery. He feelsTeiresias has 'sold out' (Scene 5, Line 65) and that Creon was 'the butt for the dull arrowsof doddering fortunetellers' (Scene 5, Line 42). Such inventions of Creon prove to be bothcounter-productive and foolish, for Teiresias did speak the truth and Creon is only furtherdrawn into his false reality dictated by hubris.Creon's fatal flaw overcomes him in a discussion with his son. Haimon confronts hisfather about Creon's reckless and unreasonable actions dealing with Antigone. His hubristranscends his better judgement and causes Creon to become defensive. Creon then ignores hisson's recommendations on the basis of age and seniority as follows: 'You consider it right fora man of my years and experience to go to a school a boy?' (Scene 3, Line 95). His angerintensifies until he explodes at his son, 'Fool, adolescent fool!' (Scene 3,...

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