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Running head: SODEXO INC.Sodexo Inc.Grand Canyon UniversitySodexo Inc.Introduction:Sodexo Inc. is a member of the Sodexo Group which is an French multinational company begun in 1966 by Pierre Bellon with 355,000 employees in over 80 countries. In 1998 Sodexo merged with Marriot Management services making it the largest provider of integrated facilities management and food services in North America. Some of these services include laundry, food, catering, vending, custodial, grounds, maintenance, security and management.("Sodexo", n.d.) Sodexo Inc. provides these services at a variety of settings including hospitals, colleges, universities, private as well as public schools, military bases, retirement centers, corporate buildings and remote locations. Sodexo Inc. has over 120,000 employees in over 6000 locations serving more than ten million customers in North America every day. (Long, 2009)With a company such as Sodexo Inc. the number one product produced is service. This is all generated by its front line employees and management. Attracting, developing and maintaining its vast workforce is critical to its success. This paper will focus on how Sodexo Inc. performs in these three general areas.\In a company with such a large workforce attracting quality employees is a constant battle. On any given day there are over a thousand employment opportunities available ranging from frontline employees to district managers. There are numerous ways these positions are recruited for.Over the next five years the department of Labor estimates that over 20 million new entrants into the job market will not have the means for post high school education. (Sodexo, n.d.). One of the programs which Sodexo Inc. uses to tap into this potential labor pool is called School to Career program. The process is quite simple; partnerships are created by working closely with schools, youth groups and community organizations. These partnerships include teachers, parents, law enforcement and local business leaders. Regular contact with these community partners is kept up by organizing and coordinating events and activities for the students. By becoming a role model, recruiting and employing these students for seasonal or part time work will expose them to the company in a positive manner. (Sodexo Inc., n.d., p. 2) Upon their entrance into the workforce the company hopes to have an established relationship with the candidates. The candidates exposure to the company will hopefully be employees that stay for longer periods of time than those who begin employment with the company with no prior exposure.The company also has programs to tap into the college and university graduate labor pool. The largest and most successful program is the Future Leaders Internship program. It is a three month paid program. Candidates are chosen from a vast pool of applicants. The candidate must submit an application, a letter of recommendation from a faculty member and a 250 word essay explaining why...

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