Sodomites And Adoption:1 Corinthians 6:9–10 Essay

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Discrimintaion and equality in society is faced amongst people every day. One certain subject that seems to get most of this attention is whether or not homosexual couples should be able to adopt. Same sex couples should be able to adopt children for many reasons. Children that are raised by same sex parents are predominantly taught to be more open minded, have a greater sense of tolerance, and are thought of to be role models for equality in relationships and life. Most would say that these children will face issues regarding their parents sexual orientation, but this is not so. Children of same sex parents have studied to show very few differences in achievement, mental health, and social function as a child that is raised in a heterosexual household. Same sex parents will allow their child to express themselves through different talents and other attributes that there child seems to be indulged in. These children are ...view middle of the document...

Discrimination still exists and it is sad. As reported on the 2000 Census, about 65,000 children lived with same sex parents. In 2012, 110,000 live with gay parents, over a 100% increase. The fact that orphans are getting adopted is a good thing. People who are against homosexuals adopting children should look pass their discriminatory ways, and look at the virtuous actions that are being performed.
Homosexuality is not considered a norm in society, so it is less likely to be accepted. Children are influenced by the people that take care of them. The actions of the caregiver influence them. People raised their children to have the same beliefs as them. So if they do not approve of homosexuality, their children aren’t either. Sadly, children bully others because of this. The society we live in today does not feel comfortable with change. For instance, Dr. Cameron, Chairman of the Family Research Institute, in Colorado Springs feels that same-sex partner relationships are significantly less stable, and more short-lived on the average compared to a marriage of a man and a woman. On this basis alone, people should accept that homosexuals are people as well.
Homosexual parents should be considered as some of the most fit parents for children. Not only do most heterosexual couples adopt children and provide them with stable homes, but they provide these children with love. With over 114,000 children in foster homes and the hundreds of thousands of children overseas that need a family, being a good parent should have nothing to do with one’s sexual orientation, but rather if one is able to provide that child with a healthy, nurturing living environment. The values that same sex parenting represents is something that should be valued. You should accept people for who they are, never judge someone, and always keep an open mind about life and relationships. Regardless if a child’s parents are heterosexual or homosexual, two parents is always better than no parents and the affection of love has no sexual preference nor does it have an opinion. Same sex parents should be treated equal and should be able to adopt and have families no different than a heterosexual household would be.

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