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3.2 Main Challenges:
The main challenge to this project is maintaining concurrency in the real-time system. The other challenge is time constraints. However, hard-working and time management skills via Gantt chart could overcome these limitations.
3.3 Requirements Specification

The project has to assemble a set of requirements drafted out before hand, which will be used to decide if the overall result meets the satisfactory conclusion. The requirements are split into two categories, the so-called functional that will state what the system will do and the non-functional that will enunciate how the system will do it.
Functional requirements:
• This chatting system will allow communicating with the customers by opening a new window which only responsible for the conversation between the customer care offic-ers and customers.
• There will be user authentication such as user name and password.
• If the user is new then there will be an option to become a member.
• After successful log-in, the system will allow initiating a session and it will continue the session until conversation end or there will be session timer of inactivity of the us-er such as an idle mode.
• There will be a send , refresh and reset button which will allow the user’s to send the written messages , refresh them and if they wish ,they can reset it by clicking the reset button respectively.
• There will be also options for the users to leave the chat application or save them when they want.
• The proposed system will allow the customers to ask questions and get an instant re-sponse from the call centre operator.
• For the proposed system, chatting will be one-to-one basis. That is why; there will be one dedicated operator for a specific user. This operator will be from the buyer (i.e. the company which purchases this software) end. There will no need to rent operators from vendor’s side.
• The system will allow the unique ID for each user.
• Any company or staff users could be uses this software just adding some HTML source code to their website.
• There will be another functionality to make the system more flexible such as allow the responsible customer care officer to decide whether the customer is potential or not.
• There will be an optional function for this software to allow the users to change the customer care manager if he/she wishes.
Non-Functional Requirements:
The performance requirements for this project are defined below:

• The project will be written by C#, which is common for structural tasks, hence the proposed application will also be coded in ASP.NET 3.5.
• .NET Framework 3.5 will be required for the desired implementation of the software.
• SQL Server 2008 will be used to create a new database for this proposed project or if possible, I will try to connect with existing databases of client’s end.
• Installation of the application will be done via web browser.
• The software will need to be well animated and designed...

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