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Many years ago, to use software, businesses and organizations purchase traditionally packaged applications, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, and install them locally onto their computers. In the 1990’s, upon the expansion of the Internet, Application Service Provider (ASP) was introduced wherein businesses were provided with software that they can access over the Internet through a web browser. But then, service and financial failures occurred as a result of actions such as rushing the market offerings before issues were solved and failing to cut the costs for the customers at a greater extent because of having a unique server for each customer. Those scalability problems or the ...view middle of the document...

Before, businesses could acquire or use software by purchasing it with a onetime fee. But with SaaS, a company can use the software that it wants by paying a subscription fee which is cheaper and could be monthly, yearly, or for some, even per minute depending on how the company will use it. Some people argues that if a company will use the software for a lifetime, then the total value of that recurring fee is obviously larger than the onetime fee itself. If it just involves an individual customer, then it might be more practical to just purchase the software with a onetime fee. But then, it will be different if it involves a larger group such as the businesses. If we will look at the expenses associated with the traditional packaged application and even the company’s expenditures in general, we might see that it would be a better business decision to choose SaaS. For example, if the software costs a hundred dollars and the company has fifty employees who each need that software, then the total cost for a onetime fee will be five thousand dollars. It may seem less expensive at one look, but a company especially the large ones have more monthly expenses than we think which means that the company will be able to use the money that they saved by just paying the monthly fee to pay for other necessary expenses. For the executive’s perspective, pulling out a large amount of money out of the company’s pocket means that that money cannot be used anymore which leaves them less money to pay for their other expenses. Aside from that, choosing the traditionally packaged applications might also include paying for a tech support staff or consultant to install the software itself and the future updates. Money also needs to be allocated for maintenance and security services. With SaaS, not much maintenance is needed since everything is happening on the vendor or provider’s server and not locally. Even if the company has its own IT staff, it could still be beneficial because updates and upgrades are automatic which can increase the company’s productivity since the employees’ time and effort will then be used just on other high-priority projects. Another benefit of SaaS is that it can be accessed anywhere and anytime as long as there is an Internet connection.
Just like any programs, Software as a Service also has its disadvantages in terms of accessibility, reliability, outages, and data mobility. Many times, the problem that the users face is not with SaaS itself but with the user’s Internet connection. For example, in a company with fifty employees, if all of them need to use the software at the same time, it also means that they all need to connect with the Internet at the same time. Given that, it is expected that a low connection or bandwidth will have a bad effect in terms of...

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