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“Computers themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revolutionize the way we learn” (Jobs). Every day billions of people use technology in their lives. Whether it is a notebook, a tablet, or a smart phone these devices have helped our lives. The people responsible for these devices are known as software developers. Software developers (or software engineers) develop new forms of technology to enhance our everyday activities. Activities like communication, research, and entertainment are made convenient by developers. Society has changed because of software developers and their innovations. That's why I want to be a developer.
I have always been curious how computers and applications operated ever since I was thirteen. Since then I knew I wanted a job that involved technology because of my curiosity of it. When I started high school and saw electives like web design and computer support tech I knew those classes would be great for my future. These courses take you through a computer's hardware and software and their components. Support tech is the more hardware-based class while web design was the software-based course. Both, however, are important in the software job field.
Web design teaches you a language called Hyper Text Markup Language (or HTML). HTML is the main foundation of every program you use. Browsers, office programs, media players, and games are just few of the many examples of HTML programs. In your job as a developer a lot of the work you do revolves around this one language. Learning it early in high school is very helpful in your process to getting this job. The next step after high school is college.
Going to college is very important in this field. Employers look for a bachelor’s degree in computer science or electrical engineering, which many public universities in America offer. A few of the examples in Idaho could be Boise State University (BSU), Idaho State University (ISU), or University of Idaho (UID) ("Idaho State University.";"Majors and Minors.";"AZ Index-Degree Finder-University of Idaho."). Once the major has been chosen you have to apply to the college(s) you wish to go to.
The admission process depends on the kind of school you are applying to. In the past you would have to mail your application to a college which was a long, tedious process. Now with the convenience of computers you can easily apply online and make the process that much faster. In your application colleges require prerequisites, which are certain qualifications you have to meet. The application could also includes questions like where you live, what your curricular activities are, and taxpayer information. The tax info is used to determine if you qualify for in-state tuition or out-of-state tuition. An application usually costs around fifty dollars to send to a school. If you need financial assistance, many schools offer reduced application fees depending on your parent’s income. The prerequisites could be different depending on...

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