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Software Development Essay

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Every software development environment is unique. So, every environment should rely on a

distinct set of tools which are suited to that particular scenario. Whenever the word ‘system’

is used, it is automatically assumed that the talk is about combination of hardware and

software or a computer. So the systems in an organization should be adequate to meet the

requirements of both the employees and the software that will be used on them. Meeting

barely the minimum requirements usually don’t work and programmers are always asking for

a more beefy system. So, purchasing new systems for an organization should be thought of an

investment which will pay off in the long run because having cutting edge systems now means

fewer upgrades down the road. But this investment should be made carefully, as it doesn’t

matter how powerful the system is now, the technology is going to be ancient in matter of 1-2

years. Moore’s law still holds true and computer systems are becoming tremendously powerful

every passing day.


For a medium organization with about ten employees there will be a need of about

15 computers and 4 servers. All the systems will be installed with Windows 7 as it is currently

the most stable version of Windows and is being maintained by Microsoft. We have to use

and develop in Windows because 90% of our target market uses the same product. An Office

product, Microsoft Office 2010 Enterprise will also be used, which also includes several

productivity tools i.e. OneNote, etc. The employees will use Visual Studio 2010 Team Suite

to develop projects. “Microsoft Exchange” will be used as a medium of mail server to help

collaborate the employees. Also, Microsoft NetMeeting will be deployed on all systems which

let developers collaborate in real time without even have to leave their cubicles. NetMeeting

will enable employees to talk in real-time and there will be uninterrupted flow of ideas.

The servers will act as databases and central points of connection. All of the servers will

be running Microsoft Server 2008 R2. Two of them will be used for running ‘Active Directory’

services and other two will host Oracle database for use of programmers and DBA’s in the

organization. The two server sets (two servers for each application i.e. Active Directory and

Database) will run concurrently with one of them acting as main host and the other as a backup

server for both services. The will be off-site backup system on which backup will be made

according to the project priority which could range from two to twenty-four hours. Load

sharing will be enabled on servers which will enable both the servers to sync themselves in real

time and will help whenever the main server overloads. In case a server fails, the other server

will take over automatically. Although, the servers will only be configure to do what they should

do i.e. DB server, etc. but they will be...

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