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Software Development Life Cycle (Sdlc) Essay

1065 words - 5 pages

No. Titles Page Numbers
1 What is SDLC 2
2 What is Formal Method 2 to 3
3 How SDLC was used in Formal Method 3
4 The necessary constraint of the school system 4
5 Mind Maps Diagram 5
6 Class Diagram 6
7 VDM Specification 7 to 10
8 List of References 11

A) Describe the SDLC and how it can be evoke with Formal Methods.

What is SDLC?

SDLC also know as Software Development Life Cycle. SDLC is a framework / guidelines to describe the activities that need to be carried during developing a software project at each stages. [Session 2.pptx] They’re few standard steps/phases in a SDLC. The steps/phases are:

Project Planning > System Analysis > System Design> ...view middle of the document...

Health monitoring system.
2. Air Craft System
3. Temperature monitoring system

Formal method was come in Three Level. They’re “Level 0”, “Level 1” and “Level 2”. The formal methods also grouped in to 3 generals categories. They are:

1. Axiomatic Methods – In this method, the state changes was defined for the system. They’re Pre-Condition, Post Condition, variant and invariants will be specified in this method.

2. Operational Methods – The sequence of the operation was formally specified.

3. Denotation Methods – The system was specified with the usage of “Domain theory”.

With the help of Formal Method, the error that on occurs in a system can be reduced or prevented. Usage of formal method may speed up the software development time and cost due to the error was founded in the early stage.
(Marwan, 2014)

How SDLC was used in Formal Method?

SDLC was proceeding through several processes / phases. By apply the formal method in the SDLC cycles. We can design a safety and reliable critical system. For example: ”Heart Rate Monitor System”. Usage of formal method also can help in describing the system that is complex. We can use Formal Method to support in developing the program / system. With the help of formal method, we can able to understand / clarify more in the requirement of customer for the system. By using the SDLC, software can be developing in a standard way. The software may doesn’t feel comfortable or friendly to use. But with the help of formal method, we can develop software to looks more elegant.

B) Study the above scenario and clearly identify all the necessary constraint for a school system.

The necessary constraint of the school system

1. School need to set the maximum number of subjects that a student can enroll in at single semester to 5 subjects.
2. Registration process system needs to get info as the student identification number, student name, subject code and subject name.
3. System need to keep and maintain info about students balance and when register to any course.

C) Based on the above scenario, create a Mind Maps Diagrams, a Class Diagram and a VDM Specification

Mind Maps Diagram

Class Diagram

Class Diagram of School System

VDM specification




Student:: StuName: stuName
StuID: stuID
StuAmt: stuAmt

Subject:: SubName: subName
SubID: subID...

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