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Software Engineer Career Essay

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Before the iPhone became popular, because of the powerful and user-friendly software that is on the iPhone, Steve Jobs declared that “[The] iPhone is a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone” (Steve Jobs). Part of the reason why the iPhone is so revolutionary is because of the software in it. The hardware on the iPhone was slightly more advanced compared to the hardware on other phones but the software on the iPhone was many generations ahead of other smartphones that existed at that time. The software on the iPhone comes from the many software engineers who work at Apple. These software engineers have to endure many struggles in the creation of their software, but the rewards from making a software make the struggle less painful. The job of a software engineer is to work together with other engineers to create a software (or should be product) that the company’s customers will buy. This career is necessary because software created by software engineers makes the lives of other people easier and provides people with high growth jobs. Although software engineering involves long hours and great pressure, it gives people the opportunity to solve problems and make products that others will appreciate and use.
Software engineering is a relatively new career but the most important component of software engineering, the computer, has a long history that started many centuries ago. The abacus, a tool composed of beads and strings representing numbers, is considered by many to be the original computing device. The abacus, a device developed in Asia, was widely used during the Middle Ages. The abacus is still used today by many students. The next important milestone in the creation of modern computer was Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage’s analytical machine. This machine had the basic components of a computer and as a result, Lovelace is considered to be one of the first computer programmers to ever live. Another important milestone is the creation of ENIAC. ENIAC, the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator is a computing device invented at the University of Pennsylvania. The same people who worked on ENIAC also developed the first all-electronic, general-purpose computer for the U.S. Army (“Computers”). The first modern computer has been created but software that results in something more than code or basic graphics would be introduced in the 1970s when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak built the first computer with a GUI or Graphical User Interface, software that was operated with pictures like icons instead of only text. In 1983, the introduction of the personal computer would make software development more popular (“Software Engineers”). As years passed by, speed, memory capacity, reliability, and accuracy of computer hardware have made it possible to create powerful programs. Nowadays, increased demand for devices like iPhones and Blackberries will make software applications necessary for...

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