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Software Life Cycle Essay

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According to Cem Kaner, "The full business, from initial thinking to final use, is called the product's life cycle." A life cycle is the sequence in which a project specifies, prototypes, designs, implements, tests, and maintains a piece of software. Explicit recognition of a life cycle encourages development teams to address development issues at the appropriate time; for example, to establish basic software requirements before design or coding begins. We recommend that developers roughly follow the staged delivery model (below) when designing significantly new versions of the full model and when developing large components and libraries. So, apropos of software life cycle, at beginning we can give the definition about it. It can help us to understand clearly during reading this essay. The software life cycle is a general model of the software development process, including all the activities and work products required to develop a software system. It is important task of software engineering, which is the profession concerned with creating and maintaining software applications by applying software engineering technologies and practices.Software Life-cycle phasesThe phases a software product goes through between when it is conceived and when it is no longer available for use. The software life-cycle typically includes the following:1. Requirements (Determine user needs)2. Specification (Design Software Externals)3. Design (Design Software Internals)4. Implementation (Build the Software)5. Testing (Determine Product Quality)6. Maintenance (Use, Fix, & Evolve Product )During these 6 phases, their product will different.Requirement, Specification, Design will work out some doucuments, and the Implementation step will produce the software.Testing must need some report and Maintenance also work out some documents to announce some errors,and some time will produce some software which normally named service pack.The development process tends to run iteratively through these phases rather than linearly; several models (I will list below)have been proposed to describe this process.Software development modelsFirstly, the software development models' goal is to models desired phases or activities in a project. Furthermore,its application should increase the quality of its process.Such as repeatability,manageability,measurability.These models are more clearly defined and justified the documents and plans.There are many software development models, I will choice some main models to introduce as below:Waterfall ModelThe waterfall model prescribes a sequential execution of a set of development and management processes, with no return to an earlier activity once it is completed. Some variants of the waterfall model allow revisiting the immediately preceding activity ("feedback loops") if inconsistencies or new problems are encountered during the current activity.V-ModelAnother variant of the waterfall model -- the V-model -- associates each development...

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