Software Maintenance & Change Control Plan

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Table of Contents1. Purpose 31.1. Maintenance 31.2. Change Control 32. Scope 43. Reference Documentation 44. Change Management Process 54.1. Software Change Request 54.2. Analysis and Prioritization 54.3. Development and Testing 54.4. Implementation 65. Support Policies 65.1. Transition Procedure 65.2. Support Procedure 76. Project Information Location 77. Signoffs 7Software Maintenance & Change Control Plan1. PurposeThe intention of this document is to provide corporate guidelines for software maintenance and change control processes.1.1. MaintenanceMaintenance includes routine updates, version upgrades, and enhancements. As defined in Deb Stacey's Software Maintenance document, maintenance can be defined as four activities:Corrective Maintenance: A process that includes diagnosis and correction of errors.Adaptive Maintenance: Activity that modifies software to properly interface with a changing environment (hardware and software).Perfective Maintenance: Activity for adding new capabilities, modifying existing functions and making general enhancements. This accounts for the majority of all effort expended on maintenance.Preventive Maintenance: Activity which changes software to improve future maintainability or reliability or to provide a better basis for future enhancements.1.2. Change ControlChange control activities are defined as the policy, rules, procedures, information, activities, roles, authorization levels, and states relating to creation, updates, approvals, tracking and archiving of items involved with the implementation of a change request."Change Control recognizes the need for adaptation to externally imposed change, and looks for opportunities for internally instigated change. It is concerned not only with adaptation of an application's existing functions, but also with its extension to include new functions" (Clarke, 1990).2. ScopeThe scope of this document is intended to cover any software changes which do not involve new software implementation or development within the corporation; only modifications or enhancements to an existing system.3. Reference DocumentationStacey, Deb (July 1995). Software Maintenance. Retrieved May 16, 2004 from, Roger (July 1990). Exploiting the Application Software Portfolio Through Change Control and Configuration Management. Retrieved May 16, 2004 (not dated). Software Development Process. Retrieved May 16, 2004 from (not dated). "The Maintenance Process"4. Change Management ProcessThe process for maintenance of software systems and requesting changes to existing systems is defined as follows:4.1. Software Change RequestA Software Change Request (see Figure 1) is submitted to the Systems Development Team (SDT) to request changes in existing software design (new...

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