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Software Maintenance Plan - McBride Financial ServicesUniversity of PhoenixPOS/370AbstractPer Service Request, SR-mf-004, McBride Financial Services has requested a software maintenance and change control plan be developed. This plan is in anticipation of new software developments within the organization. Currently all software support for McBride Financial is outsourced to Smith Systems Consulting.IntroductionPer Service Request, SR-mf-004, McBride Financial Services has requested a software maintenance and change control plan be developed. This plan is in anticipation of new software developments within the organization. Currently all software support for McBride Financial is outsourced to Smith Systems Consulting. The following document will outline procedures to be followed in addressing software faults from McBride Financial to Smith Consulting. Outlined will be procedures by Smith Consulting to document and verify all software changes in conjunction with McBride Financial.Currently McBride Financials' website is hosted on a server in their home office located in Boise, Idaho. The loan application accessed by potential clients, clients, brokers, and management is web based and written in JAVA. Web services are provided by Apache web server. Records are maintained in custom designed databases developed using MySQL. All hardware is provided by McBride Financial Services. With offices located in four states, support to the systems will be accomplished remotely whenever possible.Support AgreementCurrently McBride Financial Services pays Smith Systems Consulting $500 per month as a retainer for services. All actual work will be accomplished on a Time and Material basis. Actual hours will be billed monthly whether a project is in progress or finished. Actual software maintenance will not be started or accomplished without prior approval from McBride Financial to Smith Consulting. McBride site personnel will be expected to perform basic computer skills such as change toner cartridges and rebooting computers when instructed to do so by Smith Consulting personnel.Software Problem ReportingSoftware problems can be broken into two distinct categories. Local problems that can usually be cleared by a reboot or special key sequence fall into the first category. The second category consists of problems that may be recurring on a regular basis or may be intermittent but in general are the result of a software problem of some form.Smith Consulting will have on-call personnel available to assist McBride site personnel to resolve problems in category one in real-time. McBride personnel will call the service number to speak with a service technician. The service technician will remotely log into the problem machine and assist the local user in resolving the problem. Problems resolved in this nature will be logged in a special database to be used jointly by McBride and Smith personnel. The database will include date of...

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