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Software Documentation Essay

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1.0 Summary of the system to be developed
The system that I want to develop is the records system management in registry room for the organization in borrowing and returning records for the use of record officer and staff of the organization. This system is developed to assists the record officer in term to manage the records efficiently and to help the process of borrowing and returning by staff is systematically and effective. This system is equipped with the combination of hardware and software for reaching the aims and the goal which is in make the borrowing and returning of book process will run efficiently and effectively. System that I develop has its own characteristics which are precise, user friendly and easily handling.

2.0 Problem Description
Problem description that can be diagnosed are come from the file room that has face several problems in term of the action in borrowing and returning records that involved the staffs and record officer itself. Besides that, the record officer also faced a problem in acquiring an accurate statistics of the records that still in action. The problem description can be described based on three scopes which are scenario, statement and needs.

2.1 Scenario
The scenario that happen are mostly occur in the file room in term of the time consuming in the process of borrowing and returning records to the file room that they have to do it manually without the computer-aid system. So, it will take a long period to process the data manually when the staffs want to borrow and return at some time. For example, when a staff from financial department wanted to make a reference on the financial record, he or she will need to fill up form that has been prepared by the record officer in order to borrow records from the record office. The form that they need to fill up is request form which contains information like name of the staff, identification of the staff, department, and date for borrowing and so on. This will make the request action is time consuming and troublesome to the staff. In addition, after the staff has completed the request form, the action officer will need to find the records on the rack by referring on the register book at the file room. In fact, the register book will caused some problem to the effectiveness of the file room which mean about the misplaced of the register book. This will lead to the problem when the staff wanted to borrow or returning a record. Besides that, the condition of the register book itself. As we know, book will never be in good for ever. By recording the information in the register book we will never know what will happen on future. Basically, the register book only from the hard cover book and the physical of the book itself will damage only with slightly mistake from the human.

2.2 Issues
1) The difficulties in fill up the form of request for the borrowing process.
2) The probability in misplaced, mishandling and missing the register book and...

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