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Software Product Lines And Architecture Essay

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A software product line (SPL) is a set of software-intensive systems that share a common, managed set of features satisfying the specific needs of a particular market segment or mission and that are developed from a common set of core assets in a prescribed way.
Software product lines are emerging as a viable and important development paradigm allowing companies to realize order-of-magnitude improvements in time to market, cost, productivity, quality, and other business drivers. Software product line engineering can also enable rapid market entry and flexible response, and provide a capability for mass customization.
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Then Jan Bosch considers that we need a shift from world-wide reuse of components to organization-wide reuse. And according to his paper, the organizational alternatives of software product lines for companies are identified and classified.
Before we discuss the details of models, what needs to be defined is that the projects can be classified into domain engineering projects and application engineering (also can be named system engineering). In the domain engineering projects, it is focus on the new reusable asset or new version asset development. And for the system application, developing a new system or a new version one to deliver to the customer is the major concern.
4.1.1 Development Department
In the development department model, the organization structure is flexible on the architects and engineers, which are included in the software product line. That is to say, all members here can be assigned to all types of asset.
Development department model is generally for relatively small organizations and consultancy organizations. According to the search and conclusion of Jan Bosch, the up limit is 30 software-related staff members in this model.
Fig.2 Development Department Model

Figure 1 shows the development department model. Obviously, there is only one organizational unit to develop and maintain the reusable product line assets and the system built assets.
Advantages and Disadvantages:
There are two advantages to employ development department model,
• First one is that it is simple and communication is easy. It is available to contact with system family and customers for all members in the development department model, hence the need of organization and administration is much less with efficiently developing and evolving the product line.
• The second one is that, we don’t need to change the existing organization when adopting a new software product line, which simplifies the adoption process.
There are two advantages to employ development department model,
• The primary disadvantage is its scalability. If the organization is required to expand, reorganization and specialized units are necessary to adopt the new one.
• The second disadvantage is that the limits of the culture and interests of staff members. They may prefer to work on domain engineering or system engineering, then the less interested one cannot be performed properly. The consequence is to complete one perfectly, and the other one is not accomplished with required quality.

4.1.2 Business Units
In the software product line, every business unit is designed for the development and evolution of one or multiple products. Usually, the business units pay attention to the creation of a new component in the domain engineering project. There are three levels of maturity that shares specific functionality: unconstrained model, asset responsible, and mixed responsibility. For the first two, the erosion of the component cannot be avoided, and...

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