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John Berka
PBIS – Final Exam

Option B: Software Piracy (Page. 540, 10th Edition)

The unauthorized copying of software programs, known as software piracy, is a large scale issue within the information technology industry both in the United States and abroad. Unauthorized copying is against the law since the type of software often copied is copyrighted, meaning it technically is the intellectual property of its creator, and thus a purchase is required by the end user in order to obtain a legal copy or “license” of such software. One of the major causes of software piracy is due to large corporation that allow illegal copying of software by their employees. This had resulted in several lawsuits by the anti-piracy group known as the Software Publishers Association. Another anti-piracy group known as the Business Software Alliance conducted a study that found approximately $48 billion in overall losses in 2007 due to software piracy (James A. O’Brien).
An April 2014 article on the zero tolerance policy for software piracy in Dubai as the “the illegal sale of copies of creative works, which have clear trade ownership” and “the exploitation of others’ trade property and making money out of it” (Deberky). In Dubai, competition amongst software developers and competition in general is seen as an important component of maintaining the country’s economy and outlook on the World Stage. They see software piracy as a major concern that would severely jeopardize the spirit of competition that they thoroughly promote. Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) has been on a mission to preserve intellectual property rights within the country:
The DED works on spreading awareness on the importance of intellectual property rights for it plays a key role in supporting the progress of comprehensive development. The DED also works on creating a sound competitive environment devoid of piracy as it adversely affects the creative and intellectual culture of authors, inventors and innovators (Deberky).
Investigations done by the DED as it relates to violations of the stern anti software piracy agenda in Dubai are generally very successful. This is due in large part to overall cooperation between the department, software developers, and consumers. Dubai has received an excellent worldwide anti-piracy rating due to their efforts, which has attracted more new foreign investors, resulting in increased economic development within the country: “We will continue our crackdown on piracy in the emirate by adopting effective policies and measures, and ensure the follow up and enforcement of these legislations. The department will also organize activities designed to raise the awareness of the public on intellectual property rights” (Deberky).
The United States has sought to enforce anti-piracy laws as well recently. A recent article noted that Microsoft, one of the many well-known members of the BSA, has attempted to develop new strategies against...

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