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Running head: SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE AND CHANGE CONTROLSoftware Maintenance and Change Control Plan for McBride Financial ServicesIntroductionMcBride Financial Services, located in the mid-western United States, is a low cost mortgage services provider, specializing in conventional, VA and FHA loans and refinancing. Credit reporting, home inspection and appraisal services are offered at a fixed price along with mortgages to McBride's target clients of professionals, families, and retirees. State-of-the art technology will drive reduced costs by providing effective and efficient application processing within the five-state area that McBride serves.McBride Financial Services has solicited a proposal for a software solution from Smith Systems Consulting that encompasses functions from in-office mortgage application kiosks to a secure and efficient intranet to a complete web presence for around the clock customer-service. Some of the applications will, however, be developed within the company and will require careful oversight. Software maintenance and change control is an integral part of any software development effort and is designed to ensure all documentation and implementation in a coherent manner for all updates, upgrades, and enhancements.Going forward, McBride Financial Services will need to develop comprehensive software maintenance and change control processes to guarantee accountability and adherence to industry standards during the course of software development. Efficient software change control processes can effectively lower software maintenance costs by providing repeatable, systematic control over all updates, upgrades, enhancements and pending features.This assignment will explain the software maintenance and change control process with an overview of McBride Financial Services current maintenance requirements and the benefits and risks of the change request proposal. Implementation of the software maintenance and change control process will transition into a discussion on the support requirements, necessary training, and ultimately the acceptance criteria for McBride's management team.Purpose and ScopePurposeDocumenting and examining all software changes and additions to ensure:1. All software changes/developments serve their intended purpose.2. All software tested in a real-time setting to ensure proper function and debugging.3. Software coded in an easy-to-understand format for future modifications (i.e. proper documentation, design documents, and program notes).4. Software encoded in a language compatible with future needs.5. Analysis of a web-based or non web-based language performed.6. Security measures were adequate and properly enacted to protect sensitive financial data.Without proper documentation and control checks during software development and implementation, McBride Financial risks future difficulties and financial loss due to excess time and resources used to modify or fix program...


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