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A patient information system called Mental Health Care-Patient Management System (MHC-PMS) is needed to provide medical information about patients with mental health issues and the treatments that are receiving. The MHC-PMS will be a database in which all clinics can interact with to get patient medical information. A Software Requirement Specification (SRS) will be needed which will include four user requirements and four system requirements. A detail description of four nonfunctional and four functional requirements will be found in the SRS. The last part of the SRS will include a detail requirement specification.
According to Sommerville (2011), the SRS is an official statement which system developers use to know what needs to be implemented in a system, (p 91). The SRS provides user requirements and systems requirements on what needs to be included into the system. The users of the new system will be designed for clinical staff which include doctors, nurses, health visitors, medical records staff, receptionists, and administrative staff. One requirement will be for the database to house information on the patient such as patient name, identification number, contact information, emergency contact information if the staff needs to call someone, and different types of medical information. The medical information will be notes from the doctors, prescriptions, test results from blood work and other medical devices. The system will have the ability to attach a photo ID of the patient to make it easier to identify the person. A requirement for the medical staff would be able to have a friendly interface for tablets and small laptops. Today, the use of mobile devices have increased compared to five years ago. Hospitals and clinics are using mobile devices to connect by wireless network in the building to allow them to pull up patient information while they are moving in between rooms. The MHC-PMS will need to be accessed by mobile devices to allow the medical staff to update information, one example may be the doctor going to walk with the patient to another room going over medical information with them. Another requirement would be to make it easy to input the patient information into the database. For an example using the tab key to move from field to field instead of having to move the mouse and click in the next field. By having keyboard short cuts built into the program will allow staff to input information more quickly into the database saving time. A fourth user requirement will be to allow the staff to input information into the system from other hospitals or clinics from out of town if they have an electron record such as text file or spreadsheet information.
There are some system requirements the system will need to meet along with the user requirements. Medical information is protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). According to Kim & Solomon (2012), HIPAA applies to protected health...

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