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Solar panels are the future of an alternative power source. They are very beneficial to Canadians. First of all, solar panels are completely environmentally friendly. Solar energy is a renewable resource and creates zero emission when generated. Also Canadians will save a great amount of money with having solar panels. It’s unlimited and free power from the beautiful sun. Finally solar panels can be used to power almost everything from your home to a whole city.
Today fossil fuels give off a lot of dangerous, harmful greenhouse gases. Solar panels are a great method to earn electricity without damaging the environment. Solar panels are groups of solar cells constructed together to form a ...view middle of the document...

It’s absolutely free to get power from solar panels. Once one buys a solar power system it won’t cost them anything to keep it running. According to Statistic Canada in 2007 the average Canadian spends about $1100 on electricity and $810 on natural gas a year just to power their homes. The rates of electricity and natural gas are only going up. Solar panels can easily cut down the cost for all that by a great amount of money. According to Solar Ontario a 3 watt solar panels system will save Canadians about $530 a year on electricity. Some may argue that solar panels are expensive. Although a solar system may range from a couple thousand to twenty thousand dollars depending on the amount of electricity one would like to harness. However the government offer many rebate programs for home owners that install solar panels, ranging from a thousand to five thousand dollars in cash rebates. Also Canadians can rent solar panels and pay a yearly rental cost and save even more money. They can also purchase used solar panels and save a lot money rather than buying new solar panels. Saving money on electricity is always great.
Solar panels can be used to power many things. Most of the things used to power everything around us such as houses, cars, factories and etc use fossil fuels either to power them or generate electricity to run them. However with solar panels they can be used to power everything that requires electricity and replace those that require fossil fuels. Homeowners can install solar panels onto their roofs and generate electricity to power their lights, heaters and everything else found within an average household. Some may argue that during the night how will solar panels generate electricity. Solar technology is always advancing and soon enough solar panels will generate more...

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