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Success Of Envision Solar Essay

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The most relied upon type of energy comes from fossil fuels. Unfortunately, fossil fuels are also the least sustainable. Not only are we running out, we are also polluting our environment. We are projected to run out of oil by the year 2055 (When Will We Run Out Of Fossil Fuels?) and “fossil fuels are the primary source of about 375 billion tons of carbon that has been released into the atmosphere since the industrial era began in 1750” (Gerken). There is a desperate need for an alternative, more sustainable form of energy to replace the fossil fuels. Envision Solar, the world’s leader in solar energy, has developed their new Solar Trees to make solar energy more efficient and more affordable in an attempt to solve the current energy crisis.
Envision Solar has teamed up with General Motors to develop their new solar trees and revolutionize the world of sustainable energy. The Solar Trees come in two different sizes, the Array is larger and can charge up to six cars at a time. The Socket is the more compact version of the Solar Tree and it can charge one car at a time. The main goal of Envision Solar is to provide an efficient and attractive way to get solar energy to businesses.
The main reason for the success of the Envision Solar Trees is its revolutionary design. Unlike other solar panels, the Solar Trees track the sun and how it rotates to ensure maximum radiation from the sun’s rays. The Compact base allows for the Solar Trees to be built over parking lots without the need for major reconstruction. The Solar Trees are in very high demand because not only do they create an efficient, clean way to charge electric cars, but they also make parking lots aesthetically appealing because of the sleek design. The Envision Solar executives credit their success to their ability to transform “parking lots and parking structures into clean power plants” (Solar Panels for Business).
One major advantage Envision Solar has over its competitors is that it takes advantage of their “Drag & Drop Infrastructure” to reduce installment time and increase the quality of their product. Pre-engineered sections are delivered to the customer’s site as part of a complete kit, which includes everything that is needed to install Envision Solar’s signature tracking solar tree structure. This design allows them “to get in and out of customer premises with the least amount of disruption” (Envision Solar Announces Major Technology Advancement). The president and CEO of Envision Solar stated that “our customers get the value of the Solar Tree® structures right away and the speed of deployment helps them get the tax incentives faster too” (Envision Solar Announces Major Technology Advancement).
Envision Solar has recently partnered with Horizon Energy Group, the leader and most respected microgrid strategic consultant in the world. Horizon Energy Group has many connections to major utilities and campus owners who are currently the primary target customers for Envision Solar....

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