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Some of the hottest topics talked about in countries all over the world are the statements regarding renewable energy and its sources. Renewable resources like wind, solar, and water can help lead to a better world, but these resources are richer, and more abundant is certain areas. For example wind turbines thrive in California because of the abundance of wind, or the Hoover Dam in Nevada that gets its power from the Colorado River. But where does all of the solar power come from? You think Arizona, one of the hottest states in the United States would already have a majority, if not all, of its energy coming from solar power, but believe it or not, only two percent of energy that Arizona uses comes from the sun. This is a huge problem considering Arizona is one of the states with the most sunlight! The sun emits 3.8x10^23 watts of power, which is why solar power has the most potential out of all the renewable resources, and Arizona has some of the hottest and sunniest summers, which is another factor of solar potential. Arizona comes in 2nd for the states with the most solar industry jobs and 1st in solar power, but yet they also come in 14th for air pollution from power plants. This is a big deal considering the fact that we have the potential to be number one in solar industry jobs and solar power in general, and last in air pollution. Arizona has an opportunity to take the lead in renewable resource use, and become a role model for other states or countries attempting to create a more environmentally friendly society and self-dependent citizens. Increase in size of the solar industry will create jobs for the people of Arizona and help the jobs already established in the fields of the trades. Solar power is what Arizona needs.

To understand this, you must first know what solar power is and how it works. Solar power is energy collected from the sun that we can use or store. Solar power is energy that is captured from the sun that can be used for electricity or heating. The earth only receives a hundredth if a millionth of a percent of the suns energy, but even that is enough energy to meet the energy needs of the earth many times over. Three types of ways to collect this energy are solar cells, solar water heating, and solar furnaces. The most common and the one that will be talked about are solar cells. Solar water heating and solar furnaces are usually found out in the desert collecting energy for an energy or research company. There are two types of solar power, passive and active solar. According to

Passive solar uses building and site elements and natural processes to accomplish a given task (comfort, water heating, air movement, etc.) with no, or minimal, mechanical and electrical equipment. Active solar technologies include PV and solar water heating systems and utilize mechanical and electrical equipment. (FAQ, Question 20)

Solar cells are an example of active solar power. Solar cells are...

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