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Solar Energy's Ability To Power Our Future

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Solar ability to power our future

Solar Energy is the process of using the rays from the sun and transferring the energy into thermal or electric energy. A main contribution to solar energy is PV panels. The Solar panels are found in a variety of locations, but mostly found on roofs of buildings or other large surfaces. The panels are devices used to capture the solar energy transferring it into electric or heat energy. Solar energy is beneficial in numerous ways, including helping the environment. Studies and attempts in working with solar energy have been around for decades and continue evolving. Solar Energy is very beneficial, but still has its disadvantages. Yet as the studies and experiments continue, the usage and benefits of Solar Energy will flourish.
Solar Energy first appeared during the 1860s’. The first scientist that is believed to have turned solar power into mechanical energy was Auguste Mouchout. He began his studies in fear that his country was becoming too dependent on coal. After he received grants, he continued perfecting his theory until 1880, in which he created the beginning of outstanding and beneficial findings. (Smith 2007) Many people took his theories and experiments and evolved it more thoroughly. Since then solar power has come along way and now anybody has the opportunity to be involved in the struggle for energy. Numerous of households across the United States are cutting down on their usage of lights and appliances, and solar panels are being seen more frequent.
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Steps on how Sun rays are converted to electric energy.
Figure 1: (Pacific Gas and Electric Company, 2007)
The solar energy is created by the harboring of the Sunrays using Photovoltaic, or also known as PV, systems. PV systems use panels, similar to computer chips, which receive the rays, absorb the sunlight and convert it into electricity. These systems are usually found on flat surfaces such as roofs, where the most sunlight is available. Inverters are connected to the PV system, which transform the DC electricity from the sun into AC electricity, which is used for more common appliances. Another option as a connector for the PV system is the Electric grid, which are power lines used to transport electricity. The connection between the PV system and the electric grid is referred to as “interconnected.” The sun is a constant within these steps, and can be very beneficial for all purposes. (Pacific Gas and Electric Company, 2007)
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Many advantages and disadvantages have accompanied the discovery of the usage of solar power. Some advantages to using this energy are that it is environmentally friendly, requires little...

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