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Soldier's Home Essay

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The Soldier with Doubts At first glance, the short story, ?Soldier?s Home,? appears to be a tribute to a young man from a small town, returning home after the war. The first paragraphs describe the young man, Harold Krebs and his boyhood home in rural Oklahoma. Almost immediately, the conflicts begin to surface. The overwhelming irony in Hemingway?s tale is illustrated in the title ?Soldier?s Home? because Krebs?s does not feel like a soldier and he no longer has a home at all.Krebs?s had doubts about being a soldier from the start of the story. He enlisted in the Marines shortly after leaving college and, no doubt, was filled with enthusiasm and patriotism. However, his wartime experiences were not what he expected. Although he traveled extensively throughout Europe, he felt his military performance did not constitute the necessary heroism of an American soldier. He found it necessary to lie about his experiences in order to command the attention and respect he craved. However, his stories were tired and uninspired and were basically ignored. Although no specific dishonorable behavior is noted by Hemingway, the impression given is that Krebs felt like a fraud, to the extent of feeling nausea when at a dance, he met a man who had ?really been a soldier? (153).Krebs's personality and values had been drastically changed by his experiences in the war. Before he left Oklahoma, he fit comfortably in his conservative, middle-class life. The picture of Krebs and his fraternity brothers at the Methodist 2...

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Ernest Hemmingway's Soldier's Home Similarity to Reality

1603 words - 7 pages /St. Martin’s, 2011. 187-193. Print. Jones, Edgar, and Wessely, Simon. "War Syndromes: The Impact of Culture on Medically Unexplained Symptoms." National Center for Biotechnology Information. U.S. National Library of Medicine, 01 Jan. 2005. Web. 10 May 2014. Mayo Clinic. "Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)." Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic, 15 Apr. 2014. Web. 15 May 2014. Trout, Steven. "'Where Do We Go From Here?': Ernest Hemingway's 'Soldier's Home' and American Veterans of World War I." GALE CENGAGE Learning. The Hemingway Review 20.1, Fall 2000. Web. 04 May 2014.

Themes and Stylistic Elements in Ernest Hemingway's Soldier's Home

1309 words - 5 pages Themes and Stylistic Elements in Soldier's Home               Hemingway's short story Soldier's Home incorporates many themes and stylistic elements that we associate with Hemingway's writings. The story of the soldier returning from a traumatic war experience and trying to find a way to come to terms with the small-town life he used to live, after being initiated into the adult world of the war including life and death, is an essential

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1356 words - 5 pages Ernest Hemingway's "Soldier's Home" has received much attention, especially from the Vietnam-era baby boomers. Like many of his pieces, the story is much more complex then it seems on the surface. Mr. Hemingway is renowned for his description, though he is sometimes criticized for the seeming simplicity of "Soldier's Home." Upon closer examination, the story becomes not only a simple tale of a young man returning from war, but also a story of a

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1562 words - 7 pages in both the past with the present to create a twist on the future of the main characters. “Soldier's Home,” by Ernest Hemingway, and “Battle Royal,” by Ralph Ellison, are both short- fictional stories sharing a common literary characteristic of character development, influenced by the other characters and events in the story. In each of the short stories, the authors create an individual perception and description of the characters’ background

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578 words - 2 pages Theme Hemingway's “Soldier’s Home” As a young man coming back from the war, Krebs expected things to be the same when he got home and they were, except one. Sure the town looked older and all the girls had matured into beautiful women, Krebs had never expected that he would be the one to change. The horrific experiences of the first World War had alienated and removed those he had cared about, including his family, who stood naïve to the

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790 words - 4 pages win over World War II. Unlike its counterpart, this photo was published only at a local level on a website. Both these photos show a soldier being dismissed to go home from war. Although the two photos share that common factor, the scenario in which the soldier comes home differs greatly. Through these photos, Albert Eisenstaedt and John Gaps III help evoke pathos and give the observer a sense of the pride and the devastation felt of a home coming

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680 words - 3 pages Bill Gates once said, "I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it". This quotation relates to Hemingway because he tends to find an easy way out and demonstrates it through his character's actions. As it is, this statement holds true in literature. In both Hemingway's "Soldier's Home" and "Hills Like White Elephants" ; these stories support the idea of people always trying to

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1090 words - 4 pages Ashlynne NicholsProfessor GullENC1102 OnlineSeptember 27th, 2012Similarities of "How to Tell a True War Story" by Ernest Hemingway and"A Soldier's Home" by Tim O'BrienErnest Hemingway's "A Soldier's Home" and Tim O'Brien's "How to Tell A True War Story" are two very different, yet also very similar, compelling stories about impact of war during the 20th century. The authors of both of these stories did a very well job at illustrating what war

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881 words - 4 pages wanton, had love affairs and created some of the finest American literature to date. ("") Ernest Hemingway's personifies the ideas of the Lost Generation and places him in it, through his writings. The novel The Sun Also Rises and short story "Soldier's Home" conveys these ideas.In the novel, The Sun Also Rises the main characters convey the ideas of the Lost Generation. This is shown in many different

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2424 words - 10 pages Color versus Black-and-White PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 Color versus Black-and-White in FilmHUM150June 7, 2010Color versus Black-and-White in FilmLearning Team A elected to analyze The Big Sleep in black and white film and A Soldier's Story in color. The team's main objective was to compare the similarities and contrast in the following areas: primary focus, contribution to expression, photographic techniques, atmosphere, cinematic moment

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942 words - 4 pages extended family member. While overseas, the soldier is often required to work full days and nights with little opportunity for sleep. Communication with home is sporadic and often the financial responsibility of the soldier. Meanwhile, the soldier's family suffers. Even though they are compensated for the deployment, the family must take on added responsibility due to his extended absence. Financial decisions, household maintenance, and child care

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1264 words - 5 pages Reader-Response on Soldier's Home The initial reaction I received from reading Soldier's Home, and my feelings about Soldier's Home now are not the same. Initially, I thought Harold Krebs is this soldier who fought for two years, returns home, and is disconnected from society because he is in a childlike state of mind, while everyone else has grown up. I felt that Krebs lost his immature years, late teens to early 20's, because he went

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741 words - 3 pages "Soldier's Home," the story of a young war veteran named Harold Krebs who has recently returned home. Everything that Krebs says and does is to make his life as smooth and have as few complications as possible, more than likely a stark contrast to his life in Europe. Krebs is a detached being who just wants to keep his life as uncomplicated as possible. He doesn't receive the same hearty welcome as his fellow soldiers, thanks to his returning

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1252 words - 5 pages them was the raw fear for their survival. Although Krebs had served in some of the turning point and final battles of the war, which had made him think of himself as a “good soldier,” the true image and feelings of a soldier at war were not always brave and confident, but merely frightened all the time; “In this way he lost everything”(137). He lost any feeling of personal accomplishment that had surfaced with his return from service; all he could feel was fear and that disgusted him. Works Cited Hemingway, Ernest. "Soldier's Home", from Ernest Hemingway: The Short Stories. (New York, NY : Scribner Paperback Fiction Edition) 2005.

<Tab/>"Soldier's Home" By Ernest Hemingway Essay

1388 words - 6 pages Manos MathewEnglish 206Prof D.S"Soldier's Home" by Ernest Hemingway is a magnificent short story that illustrates the tragic effects of war on a young soldier's life, as he tries to come home. This story helps paint a vivid picture of the type of life a soldier faced after coming back from a traumatic experience.The main character in this story is Harold Krebs. Krebs had recently returned from World War I to move back into his parent's house