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Solid Waste Management In China Essay

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Solid waste management is a major environmental issue and creating huge burdens particularly in megacities. Combination of growth of population and economy corresponds to increase of municipal solid waste (MSW). Many countries which have rapid growing economies are also confronted with serious challenges in maintaining and managing their vastly increasing wastes. An alarming rate of solid waste generation is observed simultaneously with urbanization, industrialization and economic development of countries.
This report highlights the solid waste generation and waste management system in China. In China ,the total quantities of MSW generated in 2002 were 136.5 million tonnes. These alarming numbers of MSW generated in China leads to the importance of controlling solid waste pollution which is an important aspect of environmental protection in china. In 2004, China overtook the United States of America as the world’s largest waste generator. MSW generated in China was raised by 9% per year between 1979 to 1995; by the current volume of MSW generated in china it will be double by 2030. (Dan Hoornweg et al., 2005).
Waste Generation
Most MSW is produced from the daily life of local citizens , which includes paper , glass , tiles , wood , textiles , dust from industries , residual food and so on. Municipal waste is collected and transported by Local Sanitary bureaus in china. The total quantity of MSW collected and transported in 2012 was 156.5 million tonnes. Between the period from 2002 to 2012 the quantity of MSW collected and transported increased significantly. Since 2004, China has made environmental protection an important part of sustainable development strategy. People usually associate waste collection with periodic collection of household waste. But, the problem people are really facing is very complex and hazardous.

Apart from waste collected from residences, industries add up huge amount of solid waste. Solid waste is mainly divided into two major categories: residential and commercial. The residential waste category refers to the waste that is popularly called as ‘garbage’. Mainly this garbage is collected by the community services. Whereas commercial category contains industrial and agricultural waste. This category generates huge amount of waste when compared to residential category.
China has experienced rapid urbanization in the past 20 years as a result the number of municipalities classified as cities increased. The relation between urban waste, suburb waste and other waste in Pudong area are shown in the figure 1

FIGURE 1 - statistical figures from Pudong daily, china
The categorization of wastes in China in not always consistent or accurate from city to city and also badly effects the utility of data base. the most visible and...

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