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Solution Essay

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Case 14.2: The project that wouldn’t die.

There is great difficulty in getting the personnel motivated in order to serve on those projects which is either being slowly dying or that is being rumoured that the project has reached the stage of termination in case of Regency project. Generally, the personnel will not prefer to perceive their service on these projects as a step for good career. THe fact is that in this, they will try to work hard to get rid of these projects which will not affect their career by not making them associates with a termination of project and perceived the failure. In this case, maintaining higher level of motivation is too difficult as it is a natural preservation. Advice of Alice to Ben is appreciated, when she stated that the project is having high visibility and his work in making this project better will make him to be noticed besides the decision of termination by the starvation.

The basic reason for keeping the project still alive is the high human ego. In this case, Harry was the initiator of this project and originator too and he served as the first project manager for this project before promotion. This clearly indicates about the greater visibility of this project in the eyes of Harry with great emotional attachment. In this case, the top management should be aware about this as they are not killing this project directly but they prefer to opt out for a less direct approach which will slowly be whittled away from the required funds, at a point where the project will die and this will automatically kill the project because of negligence.

Case 11.1: Judy’s Hunt for Authenticity:
First one has to recognize whether any long term cultural change being undertaken and should also consider about multiple issues all these factors will enable in working together for creating an environment of self preservation. Rewarding the personnel needs for being honest, making accurate estimation and for demonstrating genuine willingness towards the work. If in case these personnel miss to achieve target within the deadline, then they will be in a position to demonstrate a genuine effort which is fair to get rewarded. Mostly all...

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