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Solution Focused Counseling Interventions Essay

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I have been very fortunate since the early beginning of my counseling journey to have a mentor. Because of that mentor relationship I feel that I have the benefit to find a counseling perspective that undoubtedly works more me. That counseling model is Solution Focused Therapy, which is a pragmatic approach that focuses on problem solution or management by the most efficient route. Brief counseling does not espouse the notion of ‘cure’ or have character change as one of its goals (Burwell & Chen, 2006, p. 191). The article I found in Counseling Psychology Quarterly, takes the basic aspects of the solution focused counseling model and equates them to how they are effective in matters of ...view middle of the document...

From a career-counseling context, the counselor helps the client see they are mystified rather than sick. As well, by helping the client realize their strength and resources, with the positive future focused view, it can help them see more realistic opportunities.
The third aspect is the notion that the client is the expert. This notion sets up the therapeutic relationship between the counselor and the client as one of collaboration and support. In turn, this approach helps the client to become of an active participant in creating a solution to their situation because they know the accuracies about their situation and culture best. From a career-counseling context, the cultural sensitivity is remarkable. By having the client view the desired career outlook and possibilities through their own vantage point purely places the future focused vocational search in check with their beliefs and values.
The fourth aspect of SFT poses that more relevant, pragmatic, and flexible interventions are the higher priority in the therapeutic process. By helping the client focus on the interventions that are the most useful will help the client expedite their way to a positive solution to their issue. From a career counseling context, by basically cutting to the chase of the matter it will only help the client build a strength and perspective that will enable them to quickly solve their issues. As well, it will provide a framework that can be used in the future so the client can use their new strengths beyond the career area to other aspects of their lives. Buy using this brief approach it will help the client be stronger, motivated, and have a more affirmed optimistic view of his or her reality and future. Building upon this ideal further, in terms of pragmatics and flexibility, the career counselor can affirm interventions that can address the complex and...

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