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The needs assessment conducted for Russell Landing Marina (RLM), determined where RLM is and where they need to be. During the discussions with the store manager and higher-level executives, RLM needs to be at state of mind where they can determine the workload for a particular day by accounting by the number of customers that are willing to come for the day and how to efficiently use employees. The number of customers available in RLM’s situation is unique in that it is open to only active duty and retired military member as well as their families. The difficulty in accounting for these customers directly correlates to the deployment schedules that have been in effect for the past decade.
There are few possible solutions to manage the efficiency of RLM’s employees. These are classified into short term and long-term solutions. Short term is defined as being less than 3 months and long term is one year or greater. Both solutions involve a thorough analysis and simultaneous tracking of customers.
Every member of the military including family member carry an identification card. For military members, it is referred to as a common access card (CAC). Family members have an identification card of who they are and who their sponsor, member of the family in the military, is. Each of these cards have barcode that has basic information about the user. These cards are already used by the Post Exchange (PX) and the commissary to make sure that the only users are those that are allowed to do so. Every time that someone comes through the gate, the guards scan the barcode before allowing entry.
The solution for RLM includes using this type of scanning feature for every purchase made in the store that includes what they bought, what time of day and for how long they had the item if it was a rental. Combined with the direct correlation of the temperature of the day and time of the week, this data will be useful concerning how customers react to warmer temperature and water. (Wever, 1932)The only costs associated with this short-term solution involve purchasing the equipment and software. The equipment is more than likely only going to involve a barcode scanner. Businesses that are not in direct competition with RLM use this resource frequently. Sharing between businesses on base happens quite often in the technology sector. Barcode tracking is a proven success in many other...

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