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Solution To An Energy Utopian Oriented Alternative Fuel

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After evaluating the grounds for society's alternative fuel failure it was made clear to us that on route to an ideal utopian world of energy there are very hardy obstructions present. By exploring the utopian scenario, we uncovered the primary roots of this evil to be of either of political, technological, and infrastructural nature. Because of the numerous unconventional fuels available, we found that the failure of their implementation is not principally due to political or technological barriers but primarily attributable to it’s infrastructural roots. In order to facilitate the large scale shift in alternative fuel vehicles (AFV), society must overcome the infrastructural overhaul ...view middle of the document...

2 The nature of the gas vehicle’s infrastructure also associates with large scale and large funding. These characteristics pose a direct problem for AFVs as John Sterman of MIT summarizes, “drivers will not find AFVs attractive without access to fuel, parts, and repair services, but energy producers,..and governments will not invest in AFV infrastructure without the prospect of a large market, the so called chicken and egg problem” 3. A solution working towards a utopian goal in vehicular fuel must consider this breadth of aspects. We have formulated a possible step towards a contribution in a successful alternative fuel implementation.

Initially, we were divided with ideas ranging from technological solutions, to shifts in society to pastoralism. We decided to change society, but weren’t willing to revert to pastoralism.
Instead, we decided to change society through altering infrastructure to better accommodate more alternative transportation methods.2 We found that modern technology is sufficient for our needs, and the limiting factor is the lack of infrastructure to support alternative transportation. 2, 3 Our debate mirrored most sustainability debates; involving the consolidation of multidisciplinary ideas into one focused, achievable solution. For example, ecological economics addresses the “limitations of ecology … and also the limitations of capitalism” and consolidated the two fields into an alternative acceptable to the public. 1

In creating this utopia, we managed to consolidate our varying views into one shared goal that we all believed in, demonstrating collective...

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